Grand schemes and forgotten dreams
Circle round
From the cradle to the grave
Everyone is a coward yearning to be brave
Yet no one will tell you all is not what it seems
Will you dance or will stand in the corner hoping for a chance
There’s only a choice
To what voice will you listen
The one that holds you down
Or the one that will see you free
Choose for yourself
Choose your path and see where it might lead


In the last moments of the day
As the light fades to black
Your voice echoes
It floods my mind
And rips into my soul once again

A restless specter that haunts the empty corridors therein
Giving no solace to thoughts of might have been
Even your ghost is weary
While I’m left teary
With no respite to find
And the scars begin to show
As reason is lacking
With nothing left to see in the darkness