I’ve lived by the sword
And died by the word
Saw the fall of all I knew
And the rise of all I forgot
In the cold of the silent night
Not even the winds will howl for me
As the scars of the love once shared
Fell aside to the opening wound laid bare
And now old melodies of melancholy echo on
Long into the morning before there is light



It’s a brand new night
And the moon is high
Its light shines upon all I see
The cure for my disease
I threw away
Each and every day
I forgot a little more
Like the slamming of a door
I surfer alone because
No one knows the sins I bare
And no one wold care
Nor would they stay
If they saw the light of day

Queen Of the Bored

With cigarette eyes and whiskey lips
She came into existence
A moment to late
And a minute to early
For her the sun would dim
As she moved across the land
Queen of the bored
Often ignored
She haunted the constellations
Burning with desire
To extinguish the flame
That burned cold inside
An all to human frame
She wanted it darker
She wanted it pitch
Like her soul
If truth be told
So she searched the heavens
And found no answers
In her celestial kingdom
She knew only boredom