So much…So little

Not much to say

Not much to do

That’s not true

So much to say

So much to do

Yet my tongue I bite

And I waste away the day into the night


I see no end in sight

Nor know the reason why

I distract myself

Another post

Another joke

Anything to escape my ghost

And the feeling of being broke

I have no tears to cry

For they fell long ago


And the world around would never know

The pain that resides in the heart of the heartless


On Leather Wings

In the flames of life

When the quiet comes from strife

Rises a shadow of me

A shadow of what I used to be

In the smoky haze

I know the path of the maze

Tasting the fire on the tongue’s tip

Strength enough for one more trip


Back into the darkness

The light of the abyss

Beckons me

What will I see

As I fan the flames

And speak the names


Of the forgotten and the forsaken

Of the rights that were wrong’s mistaken

I travel the byways of the soul

Till I find the will to control

My decent into the earth

From which the demon will know birth


And on leather wings I will ascend into the tomorrow

With nothing but regret and sorrow

To fuel the fire within

And with my soul dipped and dripping the seven sins

Of all that I see around

And as I bring paradise down

The Mourner’s Song

Hello… Hello

Is anybody out there

Can anyone hear me?

Just nod along to the melody

Of the song I’ll sing


Listen to the words

And know the truth heard

In the lies I’ll preach

In my attempt to reach you


Let me bring you down

To where there is no sound

Float within the light

The Dead lights within my eyes

That shine so bright


In the dim world of reality

The soul of frailty

Breaks the fragile shell

Of a new born hell


I have gone to far

And been burnt among the stars

Now I exist in the only fashion left

A ghost in the machine

The Way Home

I know not the way

I can’t see the light of day

I travel the back roads of my youth

Looking for proof


Proof of an existence

Proof I was there

Memory of a care

Hope of a presence


In the end

I go back to where it began

I go back to the dark

Looking for the friend

Who ran

When I made my mark


I fight for nothing

Yet I’d die for you

I’d die to see your smile one last time

To hear the words escape your lips

To be forgiven for the crime

Oh nothing to do

But take the hits


Of an beating that echos

In all the words I know

With silent screams

And broken dreams


I miss the point

And roll another joint

Looking for the answers

In the rhythm of the dancers


Who twirl and grind

Yet never invade the mind

Of thoughts blacken

By the emotions I’m lacking



I dislike the spoken word

For me to speak is to risk to much

My mind races faster than my tongue

Tripping over words

Mixing up the sounds

Of what is meant to be

And leaving the meaning behind them hidden

As none but I can see

That what I said was not what I thought

Nor what was felt


Oh how the words flow

And the heart inside glows

Only to be derailed by slip of a tongue

And the folly of speed

This has been one of the many curses

That I have felt in my lifetime

One that never gets broken

Nor forgotten


One that will always be