Darkness is not the condition

It’s the solution

The condition is life

That glorious lie



In the quiet response of the word
The absence of being heard
There is nothing to be found
No trace of joy
Not laughter
Nor a tear drop sound
Only hopes dead
Like lambs lead
To the slaughter
A broken toy
Kneeling in the gutter
As the sunlight streaks down
And the soul shifts in the ground


My soul is not for sell
My mind is my own
As is my Hell
From one angel to a demon
I tell my tale

With each new listener
Grows the audience
All in trance
All in transition
Of my situation

None foresee the end
For the words I stretch and bend
The outcome to fate
On the scales of feather and heart
Which has the weight

The good life
The bad deeds
Spoken karmic
In the meaningless vast existence of the cosmic
The justice of the jester

Left behind with the truths
Spoken in whispers by the wise
Screamed by the fool
Dreamed in the heat of the night
When all was lost to the hope


I am so awoken

I’m broken

Pondering the empathy

That leads to sociopathy

Dwelling in the thoughts

Of the damage I cause

Of carnage to come

The carnal lusts

In those you trust

Does not give pause

I dive into the abyss

Looking for all that I miss

Looking for all I can remember

Here in this long December

A cold month for a cold heart

A long night

For darkness is my light

It guides me

Allows me to see

The path of the gray

In the brightest of days


Winter’s chill

And darkness comes

As the soul within expires

There be no funeral pyres

Nothing to light the darkness


Only eerie laughter down the halls echoes

In the ears of mine

As grips the madness

That has come with time

Leaving me to rot

In the misery of all I forgot

In memory of all I had

And all I watched fall

Reality Twisty

In the dark hours of daylight

When the madman sings

The maniacal laughter

Of slaughter rings

Long into the bright night


As children cry

Men lie and women die

Mercy is not for thee

Goodwill and hope is not what you see

As the flag flies high


The battle lines drawn

The spoils taken in the early dawn

Where only the blood is warm

Has become the norm

Here in this heart gone black


Masochistic warlocks chant

Sadistic goddesses hear their prayers

Lies of webs add to the layers

As they enter the trance

A lonely soul


Looking for the toll

Paid in blood

On their knees in the mud

All for thee

All for you and me


Rhyme goes with reason

As the mind feels treason

Is the only goal this season

And all sins are pleasing

And you shall carry on


When I have gone you will carry on

You will grow strong

And you will know I am wrong

As the sun sets at dawn

And the moon goes high