Perfection Deception

Lips of red

A sinful smirk

And eyes of the serpent

Tongue of silver

A river of tears in your path

A lover of jealous wrath

With a lustful fever

Of a sinner who’ll never repent

You always know what will work

To get them in your bed


Finger wrapped

They fall for your pretty lies

And the softness of your sighs

As they worship between your thighs trapped


Seeking ambrosia in the folds of pink flesh

And tasting the golden fruit fresh

With delightful glee

Unaware of the damage done

Without care of what you are about to be

If they only knew they would run


Your the wolf at the door

Scratching to get in

You’re a woman and more

The fifth horseman of the apocalypse

Honey dipped in sin

And still the last taste on every lovers lips




A sheep in wolf’s clothing

They exist

Just as surely as wolf in sheep’s clothing

They hide in the howl

They hide in the pride

Their false bravado

So many names

For them all the same

Yet best is narcissist

Their weakness they seek to hide

With words and lies being an afficionado

They speak with out substance yet always on the prowl


They speak of glory

Longing for any to hear their story

They speak of self

They speak of nothing worth hearing

For their words are meaningless

As are their actions

They recoil when confronted

Relying on taunts and tactics proven spineless

They lose traction

Pity the pour souls for they long for comfort

Because after all that’s what their fearing


​It doesn’t take a lot

A blind eye turned

A silent voice

The will to act that may falter

All these are sacrifices on freedom’s alter

In the end it’s your choice

Use the lessons you have learned 

Or allow the previous struggle to be for not

You must fight 

You must resist 

For as long as oppression exist

No one may stand in the light

That freedom and justice give

Do it for the truth you believe 

Do it for friends, family and strangers

Do it regardless of the dangers 

It’s okay to be fearful

It’s not okay to be silent

Tyrants feed on the compliant 

They grow from regretful 

Only a sheep walks willingly toward death

Be a wolf and howl till your last breath