A winter ramble

Fuckety fuck it’s cold
And I feel old
Ancient even
With nothing left to believe in
Not even Santa Claus
Or a worthy cause
Like all great people realize
God is dead
And all that remains is lies


Something Old

There comes a time when all loves die, when only the hollow withered husk remains. When all is for not and reason is lost to tide of despair that washes in. The good forgotten and the ill is all that remains to guide you on your path . When that occurs all you can do is cry for the world you lost and steel yourself for the world that will be created by the flames of the dying feelings you felt. Brace your self for the long winter to come as the heart repairs and you move on.


​Black waters lick at the abyss 

The harbinger of discord arrives with a kiss

The cold breath escapes my lips

As my icy hands grip her hips 

Soft moans and whispers of shivers

Pour from darkened lips like honey rivers

There upon the abyss’s edge

She made her pledge 

While I was on bended knee

Was oblivious to her plea

For a spectre most foul

Was I ,who wore the crimson cowl

Made of the bleeding heart

Stabbed,slashed and turned into art

Discordian words of lust 

And in a life she didn’t trust

Made no difference to me

For only I could see

The dark light inside

She tried so hard to hide

A succubus with an angel’s heart

With a longing soul to be torn apart

I would weep

For I knew, I would be the one to reap

All that she was

Because a Devil is as a Devil does

Winter’s end

So another year on this earth

Marking my day of birth

An unforgiven chill in the air

As if to remind me to care

On this first day of winter

There was formed another splinter

From the universe

A soul ripped the void like a curse

Destined to walk

Bound to talk

Unable to truly see

Blind as blind can be

To truth of mind

A truth I cannot find

Not yet for I still draw breath

As I await death