The bitter taste of life

The broken soul of one who would never be a quitter

A back full of knives

Some older than you

Shredded dreams that no longer cause screams

The quiet acceptance of oblivion

A life misspent

A sinner who’ll never repent

The saint with bloody hands

Washing them the grains of sands

From the hours wasted upon the shores of futility

The fight that would not end

The war he could not win

The battle he never lost

Yet he always paid for the cost


Gemini soul

Jekyll and Hyde

Twin souls inside

Each desiring control

To be the only soul

Little balance

In their dance

Neither will give an inch

Glorifying the savage

Vilifying the savior

When all that they both need is a pinch

A dash of each other

A touch of the brute

A sprinkle of the artist

Both could exist

In this well crafted human suit


The sun slipping down goes without notice

The night beckons

And with it comes a reckoning

As all hope fades

And human nature must be obeyed


The darkness grows

With each hammering blow

As the words flow from bleeding lips

And cast off looks from darken eyes

Leave no surprise

To the damage done

In a world without a sun


No victor will stand

As the dust settles in

There will only be defeat

For all who suckle at this teat

It’s easy to misunderstand

The feeling within


That makes the violence start

Coming straight from the wounded heart

As worlds shatter

For all that matter

The end in sight

Of the bitter final fight

In the waning of the light


Two lights streaming 

Both belong to my dreaming

One the path of vice

The other to virtue 

Though neither belong me 

He who has been cursed thrice

By choice, by  nature and by nuture

The warring fractures

Of my selves know it’s true

They battle for control 

Sometimes they know peace and let me be

Still the peace takes its toll

And all my good works become undone 

Like the setting of the sun

And now in darkness

At the edge of melancholy madness 

I see the light

Which to take left or right

I look back upon my life

I look back upon my death

I see the final breath

And the hand the wields the knife

I smile 

For after awhile 

I know the damage I have wrought

And the price I paid

For it was my nature I obeyed 

Let my death be remembered like my life an afterthought