The sun slipping down goes without notice

The night beckons

And with it comes a reckoning

As all hope fades

And human nature must be obeyed


The darkness grows

With each hammering blow

As the words flow from bleeding lips

And cast off looks from darken eyes

Leave no surprise

To the damage done

In a world without a sun


No victor will stand

As the dust settles in

There will only be defeat

For all who suckle at this teat

It’s easy to misunderstand

The feeling within


That makes the violence start

Coming straight from the wounded heart

As worlds shatter

For all that matter

The end in sight

Of the bitter final fight

In the waning of the light


The final trick

​The father, the son, and the Holy Ghost

It’s my sanity I miss the most

Lost it to the game I didn’t want to play

Scratching out existence day to day

Living the life till I die

Where everything and everyone is illusion and a lie

Knowing what could be 

Yet the history I cannot see

Still onward I move with nothing to lose

Going foward by going backwards is the path I choose

Down the left hand path of individuality 

Instead of following the right hand path that leads to conformity 

Finding no solace to the shame

Nor knowing no fame 

Nor seeming infamy

In a time of misplaced anitnimy 

I travel ever forward

With a shield of melancholy 

And lust filled sword 

That cuts me with each thrust

For all of those I trust

My victory in life 

Will be my death to the knife 

I will die as I lived 

Winning by phyric 

Is all that is left of me to give 

Thus revealed my final trick