Life is nothing more than a drama

Found by siblings from a different mama

They want to connect

I deflect

They seek a little brother

I seek not to be another

My thoughts on the father that never was

Only more validated by the news

A lifetime of ill will

A hate that grows still

Will not allow myself

To seek them out

For my memories of the sperm donor

Will only shatter their truth

With the proof

That the father they knew

Was nothing more than

The kind of scum

One scrapes off your shoe


In The Ground

In the ground

That’s where you’ll be found

Six feet down

And I stand here trying to contain the sound


Of my laughter

Knowing your burning in the hereafter

As they speak trying to make your life sound meaningful

And had a soul, oh how beautiful


Your death was long overdue

And everyone knew

Everyone is crying

Yet I’m the only one smiling

With a heart that glows

As your corpse decomposes


They won’t admit what is true

Their glad you’re dead

And in their heads

They know you knew

100 Percent

A Hundred percent

Nothing and no one

Even me

Only my blood is hundred proof

A sad and lonely truth

That’s all it’ll ever be

After my time is spent

And long after I’m gone


When the liquor no longer burns

And you have nothing left to learn

Nothing to teach

And little worth to preach

When there are no new sins

And apathy sinks in

In the darkness you see

That’s where you’ll find me