Dark Truths

The absence of light
The personification of the truth
That is the reality
Not the dream of colors
The rainbow of hope
The world is a dark place
As hard as it is to accept
The price of being is paid in blood and steel
Broken promises and forgotten dreams
The only currency that matters in a world of truth
A world of darkness


Who Are You?

Who are you?
Do you even know?
Are you the person you see in the mirror?
Is the person you are the same person friends and coworkers know?
Are you the same person to those you call family?

A thousand different you’s in the hearts and minds of all you knew
None are the quite the same
Each unique and all of them are you
Are you who you claim?

Would everyone describe you the same?
Would the minor details of difference make a whole?
Would how they describe you reflect what you see in the mirror?
Is it the truth or a lie?

What parts of you are you?
What is crafted into your disguise?
Would it even be a surprise?
To see what makes you

A chameleon of emotion
With the sinners devotion
Tripping thru space
Looking for your place

All the while never knowing the you
Its what you do
Its who you are
What you have become

Is simply numb
To the revelation
Of either salvation or damnation
For neither mean a thing to you

Whats life to one who is everything and nothing?
The one who is no where and every where
Yet not whole

Day Light Burns

There on my brightest days

Nowhere to be found in the darkest nights

Taking credit for victories

And passing the blame for failures


Everything I ever wanted

Yet nothing I ever needed

I learned to live

And never forgive


Blood was thick

Yet reality was quick

Genetics does not a family make

And the lie was easy to forsake


You’ll never hear those prayers

Or see the plights

Or know how haunted

The mind has become with warnings not heeded

World Apart

I live in the world yet exist apart

I live in the reality of the fake

I see the truth of its horror

I see behind the fairy tales of what it wants to be

I see it as it is and was


If I had still had a heart

It would not break

For I am no mourner

And in this world nothing is free

Not the love, not the hate nor sound of the applause


Everything at a price

The price is cheap

Only your soul

Your dreams

And all you consider yourself


Here your damned thrice

And no one will weep

As time takes its toll

As others hear the screams

And worry not for you health


Here in the really real world

The monsters don’t hide

They roam everywhere

Not under your bed

Nor in your closet

They stand to your left and right

Behind and in front


Your terror will go unheard

No place will be safe no inside

Or out there

The ghosts and demons aren’t in your head

And your misery will be their profit

As they hold you tight

Until the daily hunt


When you run and run

Till the setting of the sun

To getaway from the reality

And know its only futility

As they never left you alone

As the truth is shown