Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty promised wall

Humpty Trumpty lied to them all

He spoke with big words and nonsense

With Nazi’s he found no offense

Yet somehow this ass clown became President

Even though he is repugnant and grossly incompetent

A bigot, liar, sexist and predator

With the mind of a two year old with his finger on the detonator

This is what America has gotten

With it’s core values forgotten

Life, Liberty and pursuit of the happiness for all

Were lost thanks the Republican party last fall



Femdom Hillary vs Trump Voter




Came across this other day on Instagram, From Mistress Couple from La Domaine Esemar ,  And it’s too good not to share.  So here’s the article in all its glory, well worth the read and watching of the video. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter at

And now the article , the point of this post.



​It doesn’t take a lot

A blind eye turned

A silent voice

The will to act that may falter

All these are sacrifices on freedom’s alter

In the end it’s your choice

Use the lessons you have learned 

Or allow the previous struggle to be for not

You must fight 

You must resist 

For as long as oppression exist

No one may stand in the light

That freedom and justice give

Do it for the truth you believe 

Do it for friends, family and strangers

Do it regardless of the dangers 

It’s okay to be fearful

It’s not okay to be silent

Tyrants feed on the compliant 

They grow from regretful 

Only a sheep walks willingly toward death

Be a wolf and howl till your last breath


​Truth forgotten 

Foundations rotting

Principles faltering 

Dying for love

Justice crying

All it takes is a moment 

No help from above

For they see no sin

For virtue has become vice

The innocent know only torment 

For the dream has become a war

And we who fight must become

The nightmare we abhor 

To prevent the wrongs done

We must unite

We must fight

We must resist 

As long as tyrants exist 

Who seek the sheep’s oppression 

Learn they will be met with the wolf’s aggression