Once again the night beckons like an old friend

Promising release if only for a while

My words can make a Devil smile

And a God weep


I delve deep into the pit

Harrowing the hole in my soul

For the scraps of light within

Dirty and broken covered in sin


I touch my soul

And in turn touch the soulless

Who in denial think

I’ll be there with the dawn comes

Though I’m gone with the last drink


Back into the memory mist

Of the first and last kiss

Of love turned hate

Of choice turned fate


For the circle is never broken

Only forgotten

As the dark crimson tide washes away

The stars of night that fade into the day


Leaving no trace nor mark in the sky

Yet I see them in every eye I see

From beginning to end

As if they come greet me like a friend



That’s the word of the day 

The word of my life

No matter how far I get

Where I go 

I cannot escape it

I’m falling down

Yet never hitting rock bottom 

For my abyss 

Is endless 

All I can is I tried

I saw so many wondrous things 

I went so far 

And I fell

And when I hit the ground 

Six feet down

Those are the words

That will be on the stone

I tried