wreWhat do religion and technology have in common?

The more they connect us , the more they divide us



In my pocket I carry the most magical of tome’s
It can open into a book of faces to show me what others do
Allow me to see the world in their view
Let me see who is hanging on
And who is growing strong
And those who are often wrong

It can sing the 128 characters of the song of birds
That form the words
Of so many songs in the web of which the spider weaves
Allow me to sling the ancient curses with new verses

It can tumble into the looking glass
Or find the instant images of life
With weight of a gram

It can find misbegotten trust and untold lust
With the speed of megabytes per second
And hold unlimited knowledge with links to more

Meant to communicate yet now it’s use is up to fate
It’s magic goes unseen as the connection falters
And no one kneels at its alter
To sacrifice to the electronic gods of new age
Needed to defend the world from the blight
Of then often alternative right and left
That cannot coexist
Because within them them grow the extremist

While all the all while
I prefer to be the techno alchemist
Preaching the tao of the machine
And the folding of time
Into the binary rhyme
Of the secrets that go unseen
In the pages of history digitized
Before the lies