And my book is now live

So yes the kindle edition is now available on amazon. Paperback should hopefully be up by Monday or Tuesday.  I always love going to amazon and seeing something I made up on its pages. Its a nice feeling. Even if it doesn’t sell any I can at least say I tried and I did something instead of saying wish I had.


It’s available here .



Disappointment , enough to go around
Enough to devour a soul
Fed from breakfast to dinner
The last meal of the sinner
Enough tears to make you drown
Dig a hole six feet in the ground
Bury the body deep
So you can sleep
All the while bells toll
Another day to start again
Another way to end
In disappointment

My Friend of Misery

Another sip of hope

Tasting whiskey bitter sweet

Wandering down the winding dark street

To find the ways and means to cope


I used to dream of such wondrous things

A love that would never die

A world left better than I found it

A place full of glorious things

And a open blue sky

Of sadness that I would forget


Now those dreams are gone

For in truth I was wrong to have them

This world is not ready wonders

Only nightmares it would seem

And in my blunders

I see the truth alone


That sometimes only the only wondrous thing to do is madness

Allow the sorrow of tomorrow to become personified

When hope fails and misery reigns

Let your wickedness be glorified

Regardless of the pains

It brings to others happiness


Be the friend of misery never had