A is for ADVOCATING for YOUR KINK — ABCs Of Kink

This is a blog about asking for what you want. Just because you’re kinky doesn’t mean anyone — even the most Dominant Domly intuitive Old Guard been around a million blocks experienced pervert hedonist kinkster — knows what to do with you if you don’t take responsibility for knowing at least a little about what…

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Surges of Love Amidst Brutality — ABCs Of Kink

I updated my Fetlife profile yesterday with some new photos (@CreatureCrea if you’re interested). A couple of them are a bit on the brutal side, depicting around 90 needles as my tools of torture in a CBT scene. As scary as that looks though, the session itself was nothing but loving and kind. Brimming with…

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Femdom Hillary vs Trump Voter




Came across this other day on Instagram, From Mistress Couple from La Domaine Esemar ,  And it’s too good not to share.  So here’s the article in all its glory, well worth the read and watching of the video. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter at



And now the article , the point of this post.



Another Abc’s of Kink from Karin Webb

I really enjoy homework. Homework is a creative prompt with which I aim to please my partner. Homework gives me permission to let go and get raunchy and overtly sexual, to be nurturing in a welcomed way, or be useful as set specifically forth by my lover. Homework can stretch my ideas about what I’m capable of, or…

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The slut

Pleading, needing the eager slut wants a feeding 

On its knees ever ready to please

Dropping to all fours like a lusting whore

Crying in frustration for more

Sighing in completion on the floor 

As the last of twelve finishes off

The slut never got off

The chastity  prevented it

And never did the slut spit

Now it wallows

In all the cum it could not swallow 

Happy to be of use

Sad it is over

For service is its lover

And the slut craves the abuse