Once again the night beckons like an old friend

Promising release if only for a while

My words can make a Devil smile

And a God weep


I delve deep into the pit

Harrowing the hole in my soul

For the scraps of light within

Dirty and broken covered in sin


I touch my soul

And in turn touch the soulless

Who in denial think

I’ll be there with the dawn comes

Though I’m gone with the last drink


Back into the memory mist

Of the first and last kiss

Of love turned hate

Of choice turned fate


For the circle is never broken

Only forgotten

As the dark crimson tide washes away

The stars of night that fade into the day


Leaving no trace nor mark in the sky

Yet I see them in every eye I see

From beginning to end

As if they come greet me like a friend


I’ve dreamed of paradise

I’ve stood outside it’s gates

Seen the perfect world therein

And known it was not for me


I create perfection

Not for me but for you

It’s all I shall ever do

For I am a monster


And in my paradise

There is no place for a serpent

Especially one who will never repent

Though this Eden be built is upon lies


It will stand long after I have turned to dust

Its gates will never rust

They will forever glitter with the shine of gold

For my soul I sold

For copper and silver to make them with


My craftsmanship is without doubt

And the ends justify my means

For there all is what it seems

And you know the happiness you deserve

Gemini soul

Jekyll and Hyde

Twin souls inside

Each desiring control

To be the only soul

Little balance

In their dance

Neither will give an inch

Glorifying the savage

Vilifying the savior

When all that they both need is a pinch

A dash of each other

A touch of the brute

A sprinkle of the artist

Both could exist

In this well crafted human suit



They open 

They close

They swing both ways

They come in many sizes

Often opening to all manners of surprises
Doors everywhere

In your heart

In your eyes

In your soul

Opening passages to places

To memories and faces
The keys are hidden 

For some doors are locked

Others are blocked

Barricaded with broken thoughts

Still even these can be cleared
If you brave the darkness within

Or traverse the blinding light

Opening doors, closing doors

Always there is something more

Down deep corridors

And into the maze

Beyond the haze

There always lies doorways