Memory Dream

Waking to dreams
That seem like memories
Memories of things to be

Sleep comes at times to fast
As does the waking
The feeling remains
As does the memory

Time will tell
If the memories are true



Dreams never die
They merely evolve or devolve
You may be a saint or the Devil
Speak the truth or spout a lie
Yet dreams remain
They may break your heart
Or drive you past insane
Still you will follow them
Each night into sleep
And hope the memory will keep

Cold Fire

Never letting it show

Trying to keep it all under control

Angels and Demons scratching at the cage of my soul

So far and still nowhere

A life without care

A life I don’t know


Go to sleep and wake up exhausted

From dreams of possibility

From nightmares of nothingness

Consumed by the sentimentality

Of the forgotten savage

And all that was said

In the pursuit of shiny golden happiness

Yet lost to memory ravaged


By the blurring of reality

With the feeling of deja vu

As dreams come true

With a nightmare’s sensibility

In the days that pass

As nothing lasts


In the existence of the temporary

Coupled with the necessary

Only manic laughter prevails

As the beasts escape their cells

And being careful for what you wished for

Never stops you from wanting more