Dark Circle

Dying to sleep

Sleeping to die

The circle of life


Cold Fire

Never letting it show

Trying to keep it all under control

Angels and Demons scratching at the cage of my soul

So far and still nowhere

A life without care

A life I don’t know


Go to sleep and wake up exhausted

From dreams of possibility

From nightmares of nothingness

Consumed by the sentimentality

Of the forgotten savage

And all that was said

In the pursuit of shiny golden happiness

Yet lost to memory ravaged


By the blurring of reality

With the feeling of deja vu

As dreams come true

With a nightmare’s sensibility

In the days that pass

As nothing lasts


In the existence of the temporary

Coupled with the necessary

Only manic laughter prevails

As the beasts escape their cells

And being careful for what you wished for

Never stops you from wanting more

sleeping awake

Waking up tired

For the mind knows no rest

Another day feeling life expired

Shouting to the night sky is this a test

Dreams forgotten upon the waken

With the thought of memory forsaken

For the hope of the absent thought I cannot bare

And truths I long to share

To a world that couldn’t nor wouldn’t care

For the storm brews in the air

A maelstrom of discontent

And hope turn malevolent

For without dreams

The world is left to nightmare screams


​I sleep 

Either for minutes 

Or what seems like days

I pray to no one for my soul to keep

For my body does not have one within its 

Fragile shell it was lost in the maze

Of life that one navigates 

From birth to death

Lost to all the love and hates

That came and went with each breath

Now I sit exhausted from rest

With no strength left to protest

The downward spiral 

Of world gone insanely  viral

And though my disdain is pure

For this affliction there is no cure