I’ve never been the Hero
Never gonna save the day
Or change the world in a better way
I simply exist
To be the antagonist
Yet I can save you
I can save the night
And remind you of the wonders you do
And when everything feels wrong
I’ll make you feel right
My darkness will keep you warm
I’ll keep you whole when you feel torn
And when your safe back in the light
Back where you belong
I’ll always be here when you need me again
That little sin


Creating the Creator

I am not as the universe made me
I am both Frankenstein and his creature
Created by nature and nurture
Formed into what I needed to be

Born of dark whispers from Angels
And raised on the hopes of thoughtful Devils
Pieces of all I know incorporated into the one
A body that is whole with a soul feeling undone

I traverse the darkening webs of life
Looking to cut the strings
I could pull the knife
From my back which I placed there
Free myself in a birth of new spring
For it is part of the armor I wear

The blade pushed deep
Holding back the blood and tears I forever keep
And I don’t feel a thing
As the heart of mine would sing
In the hymn of pain and joy
As days go by and I break the toy

Everything that was new is old again
And I see the light anew
As it fades into the darkness I have always knew
I struggle to to my feet as I begin

A penny for the dreadful
A dime for the hopeful
An ounce of inspiration
For a pound of damnation
Looking inward for salvation
With a shot in the night
That the end is right

The Trend

The rage of the heart
Is silenced by the violence of the soul
That lost control
In the torn apart reality
Of black and white
That melt into the gray

We didn’t fall to darkness
We became the darkness
In the darkness we were one
In the darkness all the sins were fun

There was no right nor wrong
There was only the song
The melody of freedom , of love
There was no heaven above
Nor hell below
Only the life we know

Yet all things good must end
That’s the true sin
That darkness cannot continue even
And in time the light will trend


With burning certitude
And self righteous conviction
You act, Yet you act the fool
With angry words your only tool
And when your vile venom is spit
You still haven’t said shit

Caught up in the feeling
Of that only one your mind can latch onto
That envious green
That makes you mean
Yet leaves you reeling
Is all you knew

Your all cashed out
And can do nothing but pout
As you know you’re ineffective
And mostly likely defective
For you there is no hope
And not even a way to cope



A cold chill that won’t go away

Here in the light of the sun

I see my breath exhale

Even though I’m in hell


The sweat rolls

As sin takes it toll

And once again I give in

To the  temptation

That leads to ruination


Yet freedom is found

In the disaster of the ringing alarms

The lovely sound

Of a love that harms


I feel no pain

As I go numb

And find the truth insane

As reality never will come