Created Fate

You’re begging, pleading

Always needing

You long for the touch

The forever after and such

Yet deep down you know

To the core of your soul

There exists the feeling you can never control

All the self hate that will flow

As you unravel all you create

And loneliness is your fate


A nice introspective post

This photo was taken at a show a number of years ago. I was at the CD release party for a friend’s band, performing as MC and doing a number of acts myself. It happened on the Spring Equinox. This year I am performing for Beltane in a ritual space. I’m in a place of change within my career…

via Spring — ABCs Of Kink


The sun slipping down goes without notice

The night beckons

And with it comes a reckoning

As all hope fades

And human nature must be obeyed


The darkness grows

With each hammering blow

As the words flow from bleeding lips

And cast off looks from darken eyes

Leave no surprise

To the damage done

In a world without a sun


No victor will stand

As the dust settles in

There will only be defeat

For all who suckle at this teat

It’s easy to misunderstand

The feeling within


That makes the violence start

Coming straight from the wounded heart

As worlds shatter

For all that matter

The end in sight

Of the bitter final fight

In the waning of the light


Sharp words, Cutting deep

Wounded soul, bleeding heart

Left on the floor in tatters, torn apart 

Were I not a monster I would weep

Yet I have no time and promises to keep

As I make my way through the dark day 

Of absence sleep 

Yet dream of the love that slipped away 

Because a monster doesn’t know how to say you are it’s everything 

When it is nothing

The Gates

In the moon’s light

There in the soft darkness

Kneeling at paradise’s door

Opened mouth

To receive the supplication

Like a wanton whore

Licks that are deep and thick


Tasting the ambrosia smooth and slick

Only a moan from within without a voice

Pleasure With utter devotion

As the doors, open south

As if by choice

Sweat glistening from eagerness

With no end in sight

My Religion

Everyone saying my religion is love

Ha! My religion is love

Love in all its forms

From the perverse to the norms

Love unfettered

Love is more than one emotion

Love has many tethered

In ways beyond devotion

Love is caring and compassion

Yet let’s not forget the fire and passion

The little hates, the rage and jealously

Let’s be true to the word, lets acknowledge the envy

Let’s be sure to know love is more than compassion

Love is hate after a fashion

All things started with emotion evolve

Like problem waiting to be solved

My religion is my common sense

That tells me right from wrong

The hates that keep me strong

When oppression’s words ring

And none are standing

I kneel only to get a better view

I pray to no alter

Or false idol

I pray to the strength within

For in the end it’s what I always do

I pray my own morals never falter

And I’m true to myself both in heart

And in my art

For I shall never find love in my heart nor forgiveness for some

For the wrongs, they have done

And that as they say is final