Who Are You?

Who are you?
Do you even know?
Are you the person you see in the mirror?
Is the person you are the same person friends and coworkers know?
Are you the same person to those you call family?

A thousand different you’s in the hearts and minds of all you knew
None are the quite the same
Each unique and all of them are you
Are you who you claim?

Would everyone describe you the same?
Would the minor details of difference make a whole?
Would how they describe you reflect what you see in the mirror?
Is it the truth or a lie?

What parts of you are you?
What is crafted into your disguise?
Would it even be a surprise?
To see what makes you

A chameleon of emotion
With the sinners devotion
Tripping thru space
Looking for your place

All the while never knowing the you
Its what you do
Its who you are
What you have become

Is simply numb
To the revelation
Of either salvation or damnation
For neither mean a thing to you

Whats life to one who is everything and nothing?
The one who is no where and every where
Yet not whole


Walking Planes v1

Walking the planes

That trip reality

Ever vigilant

Making haste

For the touch of death

Tramples thru

The pondering’s of all I see


I smell the flesh on the bonfire of the damned

And lose my breath

To enchanting sight of time bending

And feel temporal extortion’s begin

To manipulate the fabric of all

As I am peeled from reality


All of this was preordained

And a bolt to the dome

Couldn’t of been more fitting

For lost in the crowd

Was I who in blissful ignorance

Lashed out with cruel ultimatums

To no avail

As the heard the bell


Spelling annihilation

For all including me

As a supreme verdict came

And armageddon reigned

Ending the game


​All to well I know this sin

It’s  where I  always begin

How many times have I stood tall 

Only to fall

I work hard at all I do 

Even the things that come easy 

I want perfect 

I want my work and my words to have meaning

Sometimes  they don’t  seem to strike any nerves

Sometimes  they fall flat

Just like me they get what they deserve 

I do things in my own way

I do not like to need help

And because  of this I have been 

A lot of things from arrogant to mean

Though it’s not always what it seems 

For me to swallow  my pride is harder than you think

It’s  a taste in my mouth that I will not drink

Yet when I fall

As I always do

I simply  begin a new 

And that’s  my true sin

I never know when to quit

Light time

​I have spent my time in the light. Communing with the most vicious of Angels

And seen Heaven as it is

I have spent my time in the night

Down in the depths of nine Hells 

Dining with sweetest of entities 

In the end I learned their all the same

Pale reflections in a humorless game 

I walked the shores of limbo

Looking for answers in it’s abyss

Only to find more questions

Little did I know 

That not all questions need answers and not all lovers kiss

I explored the furthest reaches of sensations

Only to find them lacking

I found myself on the streets 

Wandering down the alleyways 

Waking up in silken sheets

And fucking for days

I found myself on my knees

Trying to appease

I found myself seeking redemption 

Trying to change the situation 

It didn’t matter

None of it did

Mad as a hatter 

I stood my ground when I should of hid

I had learned the truth of life

Pulled from my back the knife

And plunged it into my heart

I bled out creating sweet art

And with my last breath 

I knew at last the final riddle

As I met death 

No longer in the middle 

I was a beautiful tragedy 

And in my pain ,my joy there was beauty