The Way Home

I know not the way

I can’t see the light of day

I travel the back roads of my youth

Looking for proof


Proof of an existence

Proof I was there

Memory of a care

Hope of a presence


In the end

I go back to where it began

I go back to the dark

Looking for the friend

Who ran

When I made my mark


I fight for nothing

Yet I’d die for you

I’d die to see your smile one last time

To hear the words escape your lips

To be forgiven for the crime

Oh nothing to do

But take the hits


Of an beating that echos

In all the words I know

With silent screams

And broken dreams


I miss the point

And roll another joint

Looking for the answers

In the rhythm of the dancers


Who twirl and grind

Yet never invade the mind

Of thoughts blacken

By the emotions I’m lacking




Of things that do not last

My knowledge and experience is vast

Eventually all seem to fade away

Like radioactive decay

For everything will change

People, Places and Things

All become something new

And all that remains is the memory of what you knew


It may seem strange

Yet this is life, this is reality

Not the fairy tale of make believe

Where Neverland exists

Or Wonderland can be found

And Oz is just over the rainbow


Everything well change

Of that there is certainty

So simply prepare yourself as all things leave

Some go loud , some quiet and cease to exist

As if they were never there without a sound

You’ll hardly notice the absence , you know

Able Cain

When I was young , I wanted to be a hero

A great man, I wanted to be hope

As I aged, life took its toll

Dreams faded

Hope died

And the life I knew was a lie


All I ever gained returned to zero

I did all I could to cope

Yet still I spun out of control

I became jaded

Empty inside

With no tears left to cry


I became the villain

I became Cain

With my youth as Able

I thought that would make my world stable

A slave to my own ambitions

A fool with a myriad of decisions


I sought the easy path

For I spent all my fury and wrath

On hating myself

And the only wealth

I had to gain

Was spending my pain


I spent it freely on each and every thing I held dear

I did it out of fear

Fear of loss

Fear of failure

I didn’t see the cost

Didn’t realize the future


And now I’m trapped in my past

Knowing I can’t last

Unable to go forward or back

For in truth it’s the will I lack

Nothing awaits me in the end

This is simply the truth my friend