Skipping through the wilderness of the abyss

Seeing all the things in life I miss

In death finding the time to catch my breath

And find the calm that eluded me in life

Dead to the world

Dead to the noise

Alive in the darkness

That comes from solitude



I am so awoken

I’m broken

Pondering the empathy

That leads to sociopathy

Dwelling in the thoughts

Of the damage I cause

Of carnage to come

The carnal lusts

In those you trust

Does not give pause

I dive into the abyss

Looking for all that I miss

Looking for all I can remember

Here in this long December

A cold month for a cold heart

A long night

For darkness is my light

It guides me

Allows me to see

The path of the gray

In the brightest of days


Winter’s chill

And darkness comes

As the soul within expires

There be no funeral pyres

Nothing to light the darkness


Only eerie laughter down the halls echoes

In the ears of mine

As grips the madness

That has come with time

Leaving me to rot

In the misery of all I forgot

In memory of all I had

And all I watched fall

Reality Twisty

In the dark hours of daylight

When the madman sings

The maniacal laughter

Of slaughter rings

Long into the bright night


As children cry

Men lie and women die

Mercy is not for thee

Goodwill and hope is not what you see

As the flag flies high


The battle lines drawn

The spoils taken in the early dawn

Where only the blood is warm

Has become the norm

Here in this heart gone black


Masochistic warlocks chant

Sadistic goddesses hear their prayers

Lies of webs add to the layers

As they enter the trance

A lonely soul


Looking for the toll

Paid in blood

On their knees in the mud

All for thee

All for you and me


Rhyme goes with reason

As the mind feels treason

Is the only goal this season

And all sins are pleasing

And you shall carry on


When I have gone you will carry on

You will grow strong

And you will know I am wrong

As the sun sets at dawn

And the moon goes high

Stutter Stop

Without reason or rhyme

It was only a matter of time

That will echo in minds

For what they will find


Without a whisper or a scream

Comes the end of the dream

It was not a nightmare, you see

Yet it was not fantasy


It simply was

And it simply wasn’t

The complications of expectations

Of something better

Feeling meant for something greater

Yet surviving instead as one does


A choice is made

A choice that has no true consequence

That leaves no voice to be heard

Only the melancholy of silence

For there is no word


That can truly explain all the pain

That dwells in the brain of one not quite yet insane

The heart grows lazy

As the soul goes crazy


The will to pump blood staggers and stutters

As the mouth only mutters

The last gasp of words that come to mind

It was only a ……….


The common brutality

Of a civilized society

It not lost upon me

It’s there for all to see

There for all to know

Yet all they do is enjoy the show


Feeding off the drama

Forgetting karma

Living in the agony

Glorifying the infamy


One or a thousand fall

The number matters little at all

Just another day

Just another story

Blazing across in its 1080 glory

A true testament to the God we pray


The god of violence

Who bestows the everlasting silence

The peace of the grave

To the old and the young

The weak and the the strong

Be they a coward or brave

The GOD of death

Whom we meet with our last breath