A work in progress

I fuck with the fates
Because I’m sure I’ll escape
I dig the grave even deeper
Because death knows I’m a keeper
Six feet will never hold me
As life will never let me be

The sins of yesterday
Clashing with the dreams of tomorrow
Here in the present full of sorrow
I know my loves and feed my hates
Kept warm by the soft glow
Of the red as it flows

I ask the Angels what have I done
And get no reply
I sing to the Devils for my supper
And leave hungry


Infinity Abyss

With the light of a new dawn
There is no hope
As I fall backwards into the abyss
Where forgotten dreams and nightmares coexist
Seconds seemingly stretch into infinity
Here in this darkness of boredom
Living only madness and sadness as ways to cope


In the quiet hours before the world awakens
I disappear
The abyss welcomes me home
I count the dead stars till sleep comes
In blackest of lights
I dream of all the life left to live
And burn with the rage
Of words forgotten age
What have I become
Is this the end of me

Do I cherish my life
Can you feel as I feel
See what I see
Save as I save
When the world turns gray
And night becomes day
Try as I might I can’t convince you this is real
There is no peace in the grave
Nothing left for you to be
Feel your back, find that knife
Twist it and bleed out pain
In world of the insane
Take leave of your senses
And find no consequences