Life is nothing more than a drama

Found by siblings from a different mama

They want to connect

I deflect

They seek a little brother

I seek not to be another

My thoughts on the father that never was

Only more validated by the news

A lifetime of ill will

A hate that grows still

Will not allow myself

To seek them out

For my memories of the sperm donor

Will only shatter their truth

With the proof

That the father they knew

Was nothing more than

The kind of scum

One scrapes off your shoe



I sit upon my throne

High atop the pile of bitter bones

Of all I have sacrificed to become

The heartless one

My soul is gone

And I have become numb

To the pain of those around

Their screams are just sounds

To comfort me in my sleep

For I no longer weep

I’d give you my heart

But I gave it to my art

I’d sell my soul for you

Only I lost it and never knew

Though my mind is mine

And mine alone

So much…So little

Not much to say

Not much to do

That’s not true

So much to say

So much to do

Yet my tongue I bite

And I waste away the day into the night


I see no end in sight

Nor know the reason why

I distract myself

Another post

Another joke

Anything to escape my ghost

And the feeling of being broke

I have no tears to cry

For they fell long ago


And the world around would never know

The pain that resides in the heart of the heartless

On Leather Wings

In the flames of life

When the quiet comes from strife

Rises a shadow of me

A shadow of what I used to be

In the smoky haze

I know the path of the maze

Tasting the fire on the tongue’s tip

Strength enough for one more trip


Back into the darkness

The light of the abyss

Beckons me

What will I see

As I fan the flames

And speak the names


Of the forgotten and the forsaken

Of the rights that were wrong’s mistaken

I travel the byways of the soul

Till I find the will to control

My decent into the earth

From which the demon will know birth


And on leather wings I will ascend into the tomorrow

With nothing but regret and sorrow

To fuel the fire within

And with my soul dipped and dripping the seven sins

Of all that I see around

And as I bring paradise down