She keeps her on the edge
Each thrust a new trust
A promise of ecstasy
A reward for the rough
A kiss so tender it barely registers
Over the nails digging in
In the sweetest of sins


The Pirate

It begins with a laughter
A smile creeps over her face
As she sees his manhood strain against purple lace
Today his ass will not be the same after
Nipple clamps tighten
His breathing becoming frighten
Her smiling red lips
And hands grip tight upon his hips
As she is after treasure
And will plunder his booty for her pleasure
Each thrust of her sword goes deep
At first he weeps
Then tears turn to moans
As he rocks in unison
Begging for more
Like a wanton whore
Yearning to be taken
His place he is learning
And she is just beginning


I can cut your flesh with a blade.

Just as easy as I could cut your soul with words.

The hidden fears and unrequited loves that flow in the tears.

The sweetness in your suffering is there for me to see.

Such a fertile playground of pain and pleasure.

Perfection personified.

All you need to do is call and I’ll come.

Maybe you will as well.

Ecstasy in the labyrinth of rhyme.

The Gates

In the moon’s light

There in the soft darkness

Kneeling at paradise’s door

Opened mouth

To receive the supplication

Like a wanton whore

Licks that are deep and thick


Tasting the ambrosia smooth and slick

Only a moan from within without a voice

Pleasure With utter devotion

As the doors, open south

As if by choice

Sweat glistening from eagerness

With no end in sight

What is?

​What is pleasure without pain?

Without one would we be able to know the other. 

For they are like lovers

Each with a unique kiss

Both able to make you feel bliss 

It’s through both only will you find excasty 

The only way to really  see

All that you are meant to be

Let pleasure break you

And pain remake you

Become the giver

Become the receiver 

Awaken your soul

Take control 

Feel the fire

Feed the desire

Take the burn

Of lessons learn

Dreams of the flesh 

Screams of lust 

Do what you must 

In the end your being will be clean and fresh