Lover’s Game


Your game started before you even walked in the door.
The love of your life
Your darling wife
The woman you adore
Your secret little whore
She’s dying to please
You’ve been such a sadistic tease
She’s aching for your touch
She’s been wet all night Laying in bed
With thoughts of your head
Between her smooth legs
Please she begs
Please fuck me ,she moans
She knows it’s you who owns
The glistening mound between her thighs
Lord knows she loves the look in your eyes


Photo by Lana Abie



In your head

Lying in your bed

My words echo in your head

The lust in your eyes betrays

As your body moves in waves

Between the soft moans and sighs

To the wetness growing between your thighs

There is no fight

No desire to stop

Your passion wrong or right

Grows with me on top

Soul Food

The sun long gone

The moon high in the sky shines down

While I alone engrossed in a tome of unseen lore

Ponder the wit and folly of the day

In a smoky room with dim light

Reclined in chair

I seek my comfort in words

Words that are lost on the tongue

And find deaf ears

Yet here the words find purpose

As the mind devours their meaning

Savoring the delicate nature

Of the balance they bring to the night

Soul food

Lust (7 Deadly )

​With it I have been consumed 

I have been doomed by it

I have followed it to the ledge

And  over its edge

I have lusted for life

And lusted  till it seemed like death

I have spent nights cursing every heavy breath

And lost in the strife

I have lost control 

Sold my soul

And known both heaven  and hell 

All because  of lust

All because  of urges and impulses 

Sometimes  I’m  at peace with my lust

Able to once again allow  myself  to trust

To hold to common sense and reasonable choice 

Yet it’s  alway there the temptation of its voice

Always  echoing

Always  knowing 

Playing with fire

​He’s been like that since night

He has no idea how much longer he will stay that way

It’s the game she likes to play

He’s  helpless and bound

She could just leave him to be found

Imagine his face

If friends or family came to his place

There he would be naked and blind

Chained up and lusting out of his mind

She likes that thought

A feeling of power like this can’t be bought 

Yes that’s exactly what she’ll do

If only he knew

Maybe he’d of said no

Of course he wouldn’t 

Because  he belongs to her though

And he knows he shouldn’t 

So today he gets caught in his desire

She will teach him not to play with fire