Once again the night beckons like an old friend

Promising release if only for a while

My words can make a Devil smile

And a God weep


I delve deep into the pit

Harrowing the hole in my soul

For the scraps of light within

Dirty and broken covered in sin


I touch my soul

And in turn touch the soulless

Who in denial think

I’ll be there with the dawn comes

Though I’m gone with the last drink


Back into the memory mist

Of the first and last kiss

Of love turned hate

Of choice turned fate


For the circle is never broken

Only forgotten

As the dark crimson tide washes away

The stars of night that fade into the day


Leaving no trace nor mark in the sky

Yet I see them in every eye I see

From beginning to end

As if they come greet me like a friend


Time of Day

The light of day is where my darkness grows

Where the cold inside forms

Here in warmth of the sun

The chill from me will kill

And I know the truth

I see the world as it is

Its not dirty but its not all clean

If you grasp what I mean


The dark of night is where my hope comes

Where the warmth swells

And the the moons reflective light

The heat from my heart

Would burn for all that I yearn

As I see the world for all it could be

Where dreams and fantasy collide

And I know the best of me inside


The sun slipping down goes without notice

The night beckons

And with it comes a reckoning

As all hope fades

And human nature must be obeyed


The darkness grows

With each hammering blow

As the words flow from bleeding lips

And cast off looks from darken eyes

Leave no surprise

To the damage done

In a world without a sun


No victor will stand

As the dust settles in

There will only be defeat

For all who suckle at this teat

It’s easy to misunderstand

The feeling within


That makes the violence start

Coming straight from the wounded heart

As worlds shatter

For all that matter

The end in sight

Of the bitter final fight

In the waning of the light

The sweetest sin 

The sweetest sin

Begins with a grin 

A lick of the lips

A look in the eyes

A wetness between the thighs

A thrust of the hips

Short breaths

In between the little deaths

Come the taunting moans

That whisper in your ear

As you let go your fear

To the hand that owns 

Your heart

And holds you llke a work of art

Up into the new dawn’s light

Down at the end of the long night 

Silence of the day

​The rambling of words.

 Dancing round my head. 

At a time when all seems dead. 

The warmth of the grave does beckon me to slumber. 

Though there is so much more to be done. 

And before the dawn’s hateful light.

 I shall go on in spite. 

With rage and lust as my guides. 

For within me all that was pure hides . 

From the monster I’ve become trying to remember. 

The me I never was. 

This is how monsters are made. 

This is all life truly does.