Death it comes
It goes
Young or old
It doesn’t care
Healthy or sick
Strong or weak
It comes
It finds what it craves
It takes

Yet it gives
It gives peace
An ending to pain
To suffering

And at times hated
It carries on
Asking nothing
And expecting less


Building Lust — ABCs Of Kink

Building lust, building desire, building an energetic fire is important. Why? Because not everyone has access to being turned on whenever the people they care for are. Because being filled with lust is its own particular type of delicious torture. Because feeling lustful energy thrive is where a lot of the fun begins… Being in the BDSM…

via Building Lust — ABCs Of Kink

Hate flow


That’s all that resides in these bones

So much of it flows

Where it comes from no one knows

Through my veins it rushes 

Embedded in my DNA  it pushes 

Ever since my birth 

I’ve roamed this earth 

Like a malevolent spectre 

With hate as my protector 

The weary weight 

Of this natural fate

Induced by nature 

And amplified by nuture 

Leaves darkness where light once shone 


The sun slipping down goes without notice

The night beckons

And with it comes a reckoning

As all hope fades

And human nature must be obeyed


The darkness grows

With each hammering blow

As the words flow from bleeding lips

And cast off looks from darken eyes

Leave no surprise

To the damage done

In a world without a sun


No victor will stand

As the dust settles in

There will only be defeat

For all who suckle at this teat

It’s easy to misunderstand

The feeling within


That makes the violence start

Coming straight from the wounded heart

As worlds shatter

For all that matter

The end in sight

Of the bitter final fight

In the waning of the light


Two lights streaming 

Both belong to my dreaming

One the path of vice

The other to virtue 

Though neither belong me 

He who has been cursed thrice

By choice, by  nature and by nuture

The warring fractures

Of my selves know it’s true

They battle for control 

Sometimes they know peace and let me be

Still the peace takes its toll

And all my good works become undone 

Like the setting of the sun

And now in darkness

At the edge of melancholy madness 

I see the light

Which to take left or right

I look back upon my life

I look back upon my death

I see the final breath

And the hand the wields the knife

I smile 

For after awhile 

I know the damage I have wrought

And the price I paid

For it was my nature I obeyed 

Let my death be remembered like my life an afterthought 


Late night ramble 

​Down by a river with water as cold as my heart. I listened to the wind and the trees. I heard their advice. It was good and it was sound. Then I heard a voice not unlike my own. Wrapped around a vine, with eyes as dark as mine.  I spoke to the serpent whose color matched my soul. He offered his wisdom at length. He spoke cryptically, yet I knew his truth. I had my answers and I had my choice.

To be Free

It’s an odd sensation

When your identity is in question

More so when it’s you who pose it

When you realize, you can’t forget?

The path to your heart

And you have no clue where to start

Clues and signs, you find

Perhaps thinking you’re out of your mind

You wonder what drives

You see how you survive

You know deep down your different

It’s always been apparent

Yet you never knew acceptance

Because you never wanted to dance

You question the choices

You are beset by voices

Everyone saying how you should be

When all you want is to be free