I am so awoken

I’m broken

Pondering the empathy

That leads to sociopathy

Dwelling in the thoughts

Of the damage I cause

Of carnage to come

The carnal lusts

In those you trust

Does not give pause

I dive into the abyss

Looking for all that I miss

Looking for all I can remember

Here in this long December

A cold month for a cold heart

A long night

For darkness is my light

It guides me

Allows me to see

The path of the gray

In the brightest of days


Reality Twisty

In the dark hours of daylight

When the madman sings

The maniacal laughter

Of slaughter rings

Long into the bright night


As children cry

Men lie and women die

Mercy is not for thee

Goodwill and hope is not what you see

As the flag flies high


The battle lines drawn

The spoils taken in the early dawn

Where only the blood is warm

Has become the norm

Here in this heart gone black


Masochistic warlocks chant

Sadistic goddesses hear their prayers

Lies of webs add to the layers

As they enter the trance

A lonely soul


Looking for the toll

Paid in blood

On their knees in the mud

All for thee

All for you and me


Rhyme goes with reason

As the mind feels treason

Is the only goal this season

And all sins are pleasing

And you shall carry on


When I have gone you will carry on

You will grow strong

And you will know I am wrong

As the sun sets at dawn

And the moon goes high


I’ve dreamed of paradise

I’ve stood outside it’s gates

Seen the perfect world therein

And known it was not for me


I create perfection

Not for me but for you

It’s all I shall ever do

For I am a monster


And in my paradise

There is no place for a serpent

Especially one who will never repent

Though this Eden be built is upon lies


It will stand long after I have turned to dust

Its gates will never rust

They will forever glitter with the shine of gold

For my soul I sold

For copper and silver to make them with


My craftsmanship is without doubt

And the ends justify my means

For there all is what it seems

And you know the happiness you deserve

Visceral verses

The sickening sounds of visceral verses

Slicing the air of words spoken with care

Words meant to provoke the feeling of the yoke

Not to anger , but humble as the ego tumbles

Weakening knees that buckle under the pleas

The admittance of transparency

And the truth of harsh reality

There’s no discrepancy in the feelings

That leave the soul reeling

Lost in paradise, to hell’s device

The soul that knows it place

The unworthiness of beauty ever pressed to face

The pathetic notion of ever knowing sweetness

The surge of purging adequacy

Yet contentment in disgrace

With the seal of permanent

The Parasite of Birth

The wind turns bitter

The long night begins

An errant call

Of a voice that should inspire love

Provokes memories of hate

A lifetime of broken promises

Thoughts of what could have been


How life could be sweeter

Instead left with the paternal sins

Of she who started it all

A vulture who comes like a dove

And speaks of the child she misses

With words like the wind


Words that empty my heart

Threaten my soul

Disrupt my peace

All because she has a need

In my life, she now desires a part

Not out of love but to troll

She can’t accept to me she is deceased


Rain falls from the sky

Yet from me there are no tears to cry

I will not allow myself to feel anything for her not even pity

She reaped what she sowed my apathy