Quantum Dreary

You know my name yet you never knew my mind
If you could see the world as I do
What would you say
If you could hear the words
Would you know the reasons
If you could write the wrongs
Would you sing my song
Or would you cry as you learn the beautiful lie

There is no point
Everyone is losing
Everyone is lost
Everyone has always been lost
Knowing the truth comes as always with a cost
So lets blow this joint
And puff out the existence your choosing


Serpent’s kiss

Slowly silently slithering

Whispering vague ruination’s

That hiss in one ear and slither out the other

Upon every lover

Here in the shimmering glittering light

Of your body rising and falling

With every flick of a forked tongue

Even moan, every gasp

Your soul in my grasp

As you swallow the young

And we move into the night

In unison with the rhythm of our dark imaginations

Until out of breath

And taken by the sweet little death