Memory Stain

I created my own hell

And from that solitary cell

The pain never goes away

Forever the stain of a warm sunny day

Memories that haunt the light

Lasting long into the night

Of a life gone

A truth that never shone

Beneath the lies of living

In the world of the unforgiving

Where there is no choice

To change the echo of the lost voice

No chance to recreate the past

To fix a future that will last

As the present crumbles to the ground

With the splash of tiny drops of sound


A soul lined with scars

Harden tissue covering the raw nerves

Picking at the point

Opening up the wound

The thoughts that consume

Burning across the synapses

That misfire sparking

Gaps in the sensation

Of contemplation

That leave only isolation and solitude

To reflect the attitude

Of apathy that inhabits the world of existence

It considers penance

For a life of half measures

And forgotten treasures

Of a past held inside

Because the truth will hide

The loss of innocence


Out of time

Out of line

The end is near

And there is no fear

Murdering the sweet memory

Of all I ever sought to be

Leaving only a chalk outline for all to see


So many ways

So many choices

An absence of voices

And short days


Leading the path to edge

Beyond the map

To where my monsters roam

To find the place my heart calls home

I drink the poison on tap

And recite the pledge


The promise made

The promise broken

The promise forgotten

The promise disobeyed


And now only one promise remains

That which forever stains

The dirty soul that will never be clean

As always its just a means

To an selfish end

As always its the way of the fiend