Memory Dream

Waking to dreams
That seem like memories
Memories of things to be

Sleep comes at times to fast
As does the waking
The feeling remains
As does the memory

Time will tell
If the memories are true



Dreams never die
They merely evolve or devolve
You may be a saint or the Devil
Speak the truth or spout a lie
Yet dreams remain
They may break your heart
Or drive you past insane
Still you will follow them
Each night into sleep
And hope the memory will keep


Winter’s chill

And darkness comes

As the soul within expires

There be no funeral pyres

Nothing to light the darkness


Only eerie laughter down the halls echoes

In the ears of mine

As grips the madness

That has come with time

Leaving me to rot

In the misery of all I forgot

In memory of all I had

And all I watched fall

The Way Home

I know not the way

I can’t see the light of day

I travel the back roads of my youth

Looking for proof


Proof of an existence

Proof I was there

Memory of a care

Hope of a presence


In the end

I go back to where it began

I go back to the dark

Looking for the friend

Who ran

When I made my mark


I fight for nothing

Yet I’d die for you

I’d die to see your smile one last time

To hear the words escape your lips

To be forgiven for the crime

Oh nothing to do

But take the hits


Of an beating that echos

In all the words I know

With silent screams

And broken dreams


I miss the point

And roll another joint

Looking for the answers

In the rhythm of the dancers


Who twirl and grind

Yet never invade the mind

Of thoughts blacken

By the emotions I’m lacking