You know I don’t really blog anymore. Sure I jot down hasty posts, sometimes making little sense in them. Rarely checking the spelling or grammar. I hit post and go on about my day. It’s funny because I write out posts in my head but never put them to the screen. I just say meh and go on to the next thing.


Hell I started writing this post some hours ago and this is as far as I got. Sidetracked by other things. But point proven.


The road so far (yes I’m stealing this from supernatural)

While normally I don’t post much about my personal life on this blog anymore. Preferring to simply post whatever rhyme has come to mind. I decided what the hell. This has been one annoying month for me. From a reduction in hours at my job.  Which saw us lose two people, my hours being cut as a result as well.  Less hours of course equals less money and that’s bad. Had a second job only part time lined up at the beginning of the month. 

Though it fell through with problems stemming from an HR person unable to properly hire me. Because the department I was working for is almost a separate unit in the company. Needless to say after a week of wtf and run around. I said fuck it and have been looking for something else.  In a way that’s good because even though the job would of worked with my current job it would of had me working basically seven days. Plus alternating my sleep patterns which are already normally terrible. 

Still here I am looking for either a better one job or a second one that’s compatible. I like my current job save for the hour reduction. It’s close to home,quiet, I rarely have to deal with stupid bullshit and for once I’m not killing myself picking up the slack of others. So I’ll hate to leave it for another job unless it’s really a better job.

In anycase there’s that great bundle of stress always in the back of my mind. To go with the fact every time my life settles down or I start improving my life. Life decides to change the rules again. I’m not saying evening my life is terrible.  My life has been much worse than this and I’ve survived. As it is I’ve got a couple bright spots in life. My wonderful girlfriend loves me, I’ve got few really great close friends and I’m not always depressed. 

But more often then not I’m trying to find ways to entertain my brain. A lot of things that once meant a lot to me. No longer matter that much to me at all. Previous hobbies are simply gone. I spend probably to much time over thinking things and living in my head.

Oh and then there’s shit like this.

Nothing like noticing a flat tire ,from what looks like nail in your tire an hour before you leave work on a Sunday morning. See it’s just a bunch of little things driving me crazy. 

Life as it is

So I’m sitting here,debating what to write.  I’m not in the mood to churn out any of my poetry nor rant. I’m more just “meh”.  It’s been an odd week or three, life changing realizations. A snowy hell caused by a few inches. I say hell because on my road unfortunately a few inches last forever.  Today’s the first day in like five I’ve drove to work. And since I work overnight those other nights were annoying.  The first night I got the determined bright idea to walk to work. What can I say I like my paycheck not being short money. It’s only a couple miles, I’ve walked plenty further in my life. So off I went into the icy cold, did the same the following morning home. Luckily the next 3 days my girlfriend was able to pick me up at the top of my road. And drop me off. See on my little dead end street, it’s down hill and never gets sanded or scrapped because of that.  Just enough tree and houses to block the sun hitting the road in all the spots it need too. 

So 5 or 6 inches of snow tend to hang around. Plus doesn’t help my car is light,rear wheel drive and not really made for snow. Though not truly complaining it gets me to and from where I need to be. So yeah finally tonight I was able to drive up my hill and to work. 

Got a couple days off coming up, and working a day shift this week.  So yea, more money. And we all need money. Bills got to be paid etc. 

Think I’m getting off point of why I intended to wrote this. Guess because I’m not in the mood to write. So y’all will probably be reading older things I’ve wrote for the next few days till I feel inspired to do so.

Winter’s end

So another year on this earth

Marking my day of birth

An unforgiven chill in the air

As if to remind me to care

On this first day of winter

There was formed another splinter

From the universe

A soul ripped the void like a curse

Destined to walk

Bound to talk

Unable to truly see

Blind as blind can be

To truth of mind

A truth I cannot find

Not yet for I still draw breath

As I await death

Pokemon Go Xmas Event…bah humbug

Ah, Pokémon Go the holiday event is here. And other than the adorable cute Santa hat wearing Pikachu I say it’s terrible. When compared to Halloween and Thanksgiving this event is lackluster. So 7 new Pokémon were introduced. Yet you can’t catch them, you must hatch them from 2km,5km and 10km eggs.

The problems with this is.

  1. It’s winter, you hatch eggs by walking. Who wants to walk in the cold?
  2. You have to space for the eggs in your inventory. Which means only 9 egg spaces. Which like most people are currently filled by pre-event eggs.
  3. You get the eggs randomly from Pokestops.
  4. The Contents of the eggs are random. So, you don’t know if all that walking is going to give you one of the new baby Pokémon.
  5. You have to purchase incubators to truly benefit from it.

So yeah not a fan of this update. I’m still waiting on battle(PvP) and trade mode. Two of the most important aspects of the game that have yet to be touched. And let’s not even get started on the tracking system. That still needs improvement. The new nearby system showing the Pokestops is still subpar for this game.

The Official Announcement: