Sell Soul

I find myself at a loss
The words come yet the feeling is not there
They echo in the hollow ring
Of meaningless
They drown in the noise of my world
Without ever being heard

In the jungle of my confusion
I feel nothing
No faith in anything or anyone
There is no God or Devil here
Only me
That’s all there ever be
No loves, no fear

I have felt the dream die
I have seen the innocent cry
And the guilty smile
And truth be told after awhile

I forget which is which
And no only the bitch
That exists within and without
And no scream or shout
Is audible nor possible
To save the soul
That was sold



Metaphysically Speaking

I do not exist

Nothing more than a failed clone

Of a second hand copy

Who’s authors plagiarist

Notes were written hasty and sloppy

For they lack the spark of life

As well as the its meaning

The most important of information

That surely would be my salvation

Instead I find my days dreaming

And my nights waking

To the thoughts of what is missing

From the inherit code of my genes

To create such a monster as I


I dislike the spoken word

For me to speak is to risk to much

My mind races faster than my tongue

Tripping over words

Mixing up the sounds

Of what is meant to be

And leaving the meaning behind them hidden

As none but I can see

That what I said was not what I thought

Nor what was felt


Oh how the words flow

And the heart inside glows

Only to be derailed by slip of a tongue

And the folly of speed

This has been one of the many curses

That I have felt in my lifetime

One that never gets broken

Nor forgotten


One that will always be

Soul Food

The sun long gone

The moon high in the sky shines down

While I alone engrossed in a tome of unseen lore

Ponder the wit and folly of the day

In a smoky room with dim light

Reclined in chair

I seek my comfort in words

Words that are lost on the tongue

And find deaf ears

Yet here the words find purpose

As the mind devours their meaning

Savoring the delicate nature

Of the balance they bring to the night

Soul food