Walking Planes v1

Walking the planes

That trip reality

Ever vigilant

Making haste

For the touch of death

Tramples thru

The pondering’s of all I see


I smell the flesh on the bonfire of the damned

And lose my breath

To enchanting sight of time bending

And feel temporal extortion’s begin

To manipulate the fabric of all

As I am peeled from reality


All of this was preordained

And a bolt to the dome

Couldn’t of been more fitting

For lost in the crowd

Was I who in blissful ignorance

Lashed out with cruel ultimatums

To no avail

As the heard the bell


Spelling annihilation

For all including me

As a supreme verdict came

And armageddon reigned

Ending the game


River Song

Tragic magic abounds

As shadowed angels gather round

Spells fling like bible verses

As halls ring with ancient curses

Neither Heaven or Hell

No what story to sell

For in this dark night

Upon the quarter moon

That shines as bright as sun at noon

Enlightened demons take flight

And the lips that smile

May be mine bruised and bloody

As my eyes see the end to come down the long mile

For there is nothing so true as the muddy

Waters of right and wrong

Save perhaps the river’s song