Reality Twisty

In the dark hours of daylight

When the madman sings

The maniacal laughter

Of slaughter rings

Long into the bright night


As children cry

Men lie and women die

Mercy is not for thee

Goodwill and hope is not what you see

As the flag flies high


The battle lines drawn

The spoils taken in the early dawn

Where only the blood is warm

Has become the norm

Here in this heart gone black


Masochistic warlocks chant

Sadistic goddesses hear their prayers

Lies of webs add to the layers

As they enter the trance

A lonely soul


Looking for the toll

Paid in blood

On their knees in the mud

All for thee

All for you and me


Rhyme goes with reason

As the mind feels treason

Is the only goal this season

And all sins are pleasing

And you shall carry on


When I have gone you will carry on

You will grow strong

And you will know I am wrong

As the sun sets at dawn

And the moon goes high


Melancholy Dance

Long have I peered into darkness

Seeing all of the madness

The tragedy of joy

The gifts it brings

Long have I known the melancholy tune it sings

I hear it as a man as clearly as I heard it as a boy


I know the steps of its dance

I know the path it takes

And the light it forsakes

I hold the wicked and righteous in temperance

For neither know the truth of their way

Neither have the strength to sway


The outcomes of destiny

In the manner they seek

For in truth they are week

Reeking of fear and zealous pride

Their true self they hide

They cannot see what is to be


That fate long ago decreed

That in the end , all would fall to greed

A greed for love, a greed for power

Is still greed in any form at any hour


So here I sit along the shore

Wishing for nothing more

Than I deserve

For the melancholy dance I serve