In your head

Lying in your bed

My words echo in your head

The lust in your eyes betrays

As your body moves in waves

Between the soft moans and sighs

To the wetness growing between your thighs

There is no fight

No desire to stop

Your passion wrong or right

Grows with me on top


Building Lust — ABCs Of Kink

Building lust, building desire, building an energetic fire is important. Why? Because not everyone has access to being turned on whenever the people they care for are. Because being filled with lust is its own particular type of delicious torture. Because feeling lustful energy thrive is where a lot of the fun begins… Being in the BDSM…

via Building Lust — ABCs Of Kink

Perfection Deception

Lips of red

A sinful smirk

And eyes of the serpent

Tongue of silver

A river of tears in your path

A lover of jealous wrath

With a lustful fever

Of a sinner who’ll never repent

You always know what will work

To get them in your bed


Finger wrapped

They fall for your pretty lies

And the softness of your sighs

As they worship between your thighs trapped


Seeking ambrosia in the folds of pink flesh

And tasting the golden fruit fresh

With delightful glee

Unaware of the damage done

Without care of what you are about to be

If they only knew they would run


Your the wolf at the door

Scratching to get in

You’re a woman and more

The fifth horseman of the apocalypse

Honey dipped in sin

And still the last taste on every lovers lips

The sweetest sin 

The sweetest sin

Begins with a grin 

A lick of the lips

A look in the eyes

A wetness between the thighs

A thrust of the hips

Short breaths

In between the little deaths

Come the taunting moans

That whisper in your ear

As you let go your fear

To the hand that owns 

Your heart

And holds you llke a work of art

Up into the new dawn’s light

Down at the end of the long night 

Table For Three(from the old blog)

Table bound
Bent over and exposed
No escape
Perfect victim for a mental rape
So many holes to fill
All against your will
This is the fate you chose
This is your new reality
Blindfolded and mouth held wide
There’s nothing you can hide
Your body betrays your lust
As you give away your trust
Moaning is the only sound
You’ll hear
It’ll be coming from you in actuality
The bound little whore
Who if could speak would beg for more
The willing slut
The perfect piece of meat
For your Dominant’s desire
They will take that cherry
On your face they’ll nut
Leaving you frustrating in pleasure filled fire
You’re such a sweet treat
You’ll never know who
Fucked you like the virgin Mary
Though I’m sure they’ll never let you forget
It was you that wanted it, begged for it