It wasn’t a relationship
It was a religion
In my love you found
A reason for peace
In your love I found
A reason to war

The fire in your blood
Danced with the ice in my veins
It was enough to drive me insane
With lust and passion
And love after a fashion

All was light
All was bright and right with the world
Then the darkness on the horizon came
The fairy tale ended
The wounds could not be mended
And with no one to blame

All that was left was shame
The scars still show
Where my heart once dwelled
This body nothing but a shell
As the mind checked out so long ago
Just like you



Turn the lights down low
As I feel my soul letting go
Hearts beating in time
With the rhythmic sighs
That escape her lips
As my fingertips put on a show
Giving her that glow
The soft moans
Turning to screams of lust
With every thrust
I see the trust in her eyes
As I take my prize
That lies between her thighs
Lips of sweet honey
Trickling down the tongue
Until she can’t anymore
That’s when I’m done
And that’s just the beginning


Paperback is up ….

So the paperback is now available on Amazon. yet it’s not been linked yet to ebook version . Hopefully that want take long. Because I set the ebook to a super cheap price when a person buys the paperback.



And my book is now live

So yes the kindle edition is now available on amazon. Paperback should hopefully be up by Monday or Tuesday.  I always love going to amazon and seeing something I made up on its pages. Its a nice feeling. Even if it doesn’t sell any I can at least say I tried and I did something instead of saying wish I had.


It’s available here .