Reality Checks

And with the distant thunder
All my dreams are torn asunder
With the anticipation of immaculate creation
Replaced with realization of indiscriminate destruction
Faith is a currency which holds no value
As in life you learn what is true


Soul Food

The sun long gone

The moon high in the sky shines down

While I alone engrossed in a tome of unseen lore

Ponder the wit and folly of the day

In a smoky room with dim light

Reclined in chair

I seek my comfort in words

Words that are lost on the tongue

And find deaf ears

Yet here the words find purpose

As the mind devours their meaning

Savoring the delicate nature

Of the balance they bring to the night

Soul food


​How often we are consumed 

By the urges , the needs

Of our weary souls

That we create our own doom

Because the beast will feed

Regardless of the toll
Here darkness dipped

I speak upon the life I know

I speak of the life I show 

The future I feel lost in

The present I long to escape 

The past I skipped 

For it’s always there I begin

It’s there I break
I’d sleep if I could 

I’d dream of better days 

Yet I doubt I should

For I am lost in my own maze

Where nothing good lasts

And the die is already cast

Faded Love

It is not always the fire of the heart that fades

Rather the fire of the mind.

It is the mind that grows bored or sees something better it must have.

Thus, leaving behind that it once held in such high esteem.

So, that all that remains is a memory to be forgot.

A feeling to be ignored

It’s here in these things that I wander

Down the empty corridors of my mind

Pondering the lost and ignored

The forgotten promises and broken words.

Seeing things on both sides of the coin.

Those I have left behind and those that left me.

Faded is the Memory, Jaded is the heart

Haunted by Life


  • See the things one can find cleaning out old hard drives . I wrote that like 5 years ago.