Disappointment , enough to go around
Enough to devour a soul
Fed from breakfast to dinner
The last meal of the sinner
Enough tears to make you drown
Dig a hole six feet in the ground
Bury the body deep
So you can sleep
All the while bells toll
Another day to start again
Another way to end
In disappointment


Sell Soul

I find myself at a loss
The words come yet the feeling is not there
They echo in the hollow ring
Of meaningless
They drown in the noise of my world
Without ever being heard

In the jungle of my confusion
I feel nothing
No faith in anything or anyone
There is no God or Devil here
Only me
That’s all there ever be
No loves, no fear

I have felt the dream die
I have seen the innocent cry
And the guilty smile
And truth be told after awhile

I forget which is which
And no only the bitch
That exists within and without
And no scream or shout
Is audible nor possible
To save the soul
That was sold


I’ve got the karma

But it didn’t come free

The price of being me

Is high on drama

And low on life


There’s no black or white

No wrong or right

Only gray

Only surviving the day


To face the night again

To dwell in the shallow hollow hell

Of a world broken

By the truths I preach

With the epiphanies I teach


Empathy and apathy collide

On the eclectic slide

Of my thoughts and actions

Become only ice age fractions

In the history of the mystery

That defines my tragedy


In the next wave of digital holocausts

Of stories lost

That hit with super sonic booms

In 4k visuals with the thx hitting

For all the bloody words I’m spitting

As beating continues to the bass

Of every heart beat feels like doom


And I go my way to part the lips

In the current apocalypse

That I created

As if fated

A solider in the war

And left wanting more


Than the self destruction

I am the master of its construction

A constructicon in my deception

Seeking absolution

And finding only salvation bitter with the taste of damnation

And righteous temptation

Learning to Fly

How does one fly?

When you can’t escape the gravity of reality.

I go crazy with the words inside.

Yet can’t loose them from the lips.

For the tongue trips

And I see the shadows in which to hide

Finding comfort in the beautiful lie


There is no abyss

No darkness

No light

Nor paradise to miss

Only the space in which I exist

And I will always persist

To dwell inside my own hell

Until I breakdown as I crack up

To sound of the silent scream

Given form from the silent dream


That comes with sleep

And allows me to finally weep

For all things lost

For you and for me

For all that was meant to be

Yet never was

The myth of the happy ending

Is simply the beginning


A cold chill that won’t go away

Here in the light of the sun

I see my breath exhale

Even though I’m in hell


The sweat rolls

As sin takes it toll

And once again I give in

To the  temptation

That leads to ruination


Yet freedom is found

In the disaster of the ringing alarms

The lovely sound

Of a love that harms


I feel no pain

As I go numb

And find the truth insane

As reality never will come