Fun with photos

So I realized its been forever since I updated my profile and photo on most social media. I got to looking thru pics and blam. Started playing with apps.

These are my favorites. All me from the last decade or so.


Why Minority Matters in Kink — ABCs Of Kink

I woke up this morning thinking: Those who are more interested in maintaining their own privilege rather than realistically disenfranchising or explicitly exploiting their more-than-equal statuses in order to lift those who are poor in the eyes of authority, are untrustworthy characters. Do not believe they mean well, their actions and inactions will tell you…

via Why Minority Matters in Kink — ABCs Of Kink

To be Free

It’s an odd sensation

When your identity is in question

More so when it’s you who pose it

When you realize, you can’t forget?

The path to your heart

And you have no clue where to start

Clues and signs, you find

Perhaps thinking you’re out of your mind

You wonder what drives

You see how you survive

You know deep down your different

It’s always been apparent

Yet you never knew acceptance

Because you never wanted to dance

You question the choices

You are beset by voices

Everyone saying how you should be

When all you want is to be free