I see the sunset
I see it rise
I feel the moon pass by
Every day I die
A little more
A wanton whore
For that which I can never be
Simply me


The House

The wood covers the dirt
Even as it slips between the cracks
My walls hold ever so tenuously
As the pounding never stops
Doors bolted shut
Swing open as cold wind blows
The roof leaks with all the hurt
That pours from sealed windows

My house of ill repair
Falls in disarray
And in the rubble
That burns to ash
I sift for a clue
Of an existence

The reason for the multi updates

So why have I been so silent the last few weeks. Mainly work, I started a new job as a temp worker then got hired permanent then got promoted all in a 3 week span. Finally making a decent salary the downside is now I’m having to be a responsible boss type person. (ugh) Thankfully my long hours lead to overtime so that’s a plus. But damn what I wouldn’t give just to work 40 hours in a week.

We’re about to go through a reset of sorts so that should make my job easier meaning less overtime. Still the pay is good so I guess being tired is okay.

Who Are You?

Who are you?
Do you even know?
Are you the person you see in the mirror?
Is the person you are the same person friends and coworkers know?
Are you the same person to those you call family?

A thousand different you’s in the hearts and minds of all you knew
None are the quite the same
Each unique and all of them are you
Are you who you claim?

Would everyone describe you the same?
Would the minor details of difference make a whole?
Would how they describe you reflect what you see in the mirror?
Is it the truth or a lie?

What parts of you are you?
What is crafted into your disguise?
Would it even be a surprise?
To see what makes you

A chameleon of emotion
With the sinners devotion
Tripping thru space
Looking for your place

All the while never knowing the you
Its what you do
Its who you are
What you have become

Is simply numb
To the revelation
Of either salvation or damnation
For neither mean a thing to you

Whats life to one who is everything and nothing?
The one who is no where and every where
Yet not whole

How it ends

Welcome to the end
See how it begins
Not in sin
But with virtue twisted

Long is the road and easy is the path to hell
Down the narrow halls to closed doors
That became opened with a mistake
A litany of villains and whores

All there waiting to be adored
All in need
You reach for the specters of the dead future
While holding on to the corpse of the past
Hoping the present can last

Never seeing the folly
Of all you’re losing
As time passes you by
While you try