Quantum Dreary

You know my name yet you never knew my mind
If you could see the world as I do
What would you say
If you could hear the words
Would you know the reasons
If you could write the wrongs
Would you sing my song
Or would you cry as you learn the beautiful lie

There is no point
Everyone is losing
Everyone is lost
Everyone has always been lost
Knowing the truth comes as always with a cost
So lets blow this joint
And puff out the existence your choosing



In the quiet hours before the world awakens
I disappear
The abyss welcomes me home
I count the dead stars till sleep comes
In blackest of lights
I dream of all the life left to live
And burn with the rage
Of words forgotten age
What have I become
Is this the end of me

Do I cherish my life
Can you feel as I feel
See what I see
Save as I save
When the world turns gray
And night becomes day
Try as I might I can’t convince you this is real
There is no peace in the grave
Nothing left for you to be
Feel your back, find that knife
Twist it and bleed out pain
In world of the insane
Take leave of your senses
And find no consequences

Creating the Creator

I am not as the universe made me
I am both Frankenstein and his creature
Created by nature and nurture
Formed into what I needed to be

Born of dark whispers from Angels
And raised on the hopes of thoughtful Devils
Pieces of all I know incorporated into the one
A body that is whole with a soul feeling undone

I traverse the darkening webs of life
Looking to cut the strings
I could pull the knife
From my back which I placed there
Free myself in a birth of new spring
For it is part of the armor I wear

The blade pushed deep
Holding back the blood and tears I forever keep
And I don’t feel a thing
As the heart of mine would sing
In the hymn of pain and joy
As days go by and I break the toy

Everything that was new is old again
And I see the light anew
As it fades into the darkness I have always knew
I struggle to to my feet as I begin

A penny for the dreadful
A dime for the hopeful
An ounce of inspiration
For a pound of damnation
Looking inward for salvation
With a shot in the night
That the end is right