Moving Through the Rubble Inside — ABCs Of Kink

I was reminded today of a poem I wrote a few years ago. I wanted to share it. I’m not currently breaking up with anyone or drastically changing my life these days, but I’ve been musing on the ups and downs of emotions and mental stability which we wade through as the years go by……

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In Service to Gold — ABCs Of Kink

I’ve been trying to figure out where to put my energy these days, and it’s a little overwhelming. Moving forward in a career which I feel has no real definition other than “utilizing my talents and drive” is hard. It takes risk, and energy, and for building blocks to be invented and reinvented constantly. I…

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Kinky Home — ABCs Of Kink

Karin Webb aka Creature



Something that’s been knocking about in my brain lately: Where we’re going, where we’ve come from… I’ve been through lots of different phases in my life, and I hope I never stop searching for the next horizon of interest. I’ve considered my identity to be “X” so many times. (To be fair, in reality, for…

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Why Minority Matters in Kink — ABCs Of Kink

I woke up this morning thinking: Those who are more interested in maintaining their own privilege rather than realistically disenfranchising or explicitly exploiting their more-than-equal statuses in order to lift those who are poor in the eyes of authority, are untrustworthy characters. Do not believe they mean well, their actions and inactions will tell you…

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