No Devil in the details
Idle hands fingering the imagination
Of perpetual stagnation
In hopes of finding a dangling hook
Nibbles of hope
Reeling in the throws of reality flooded
By new ways to cope
That leave a soul bloody
And without a reason to see the light
Here nothing escapes the hells
Not the fears nor even the tears


The nightmare of Hope

It was never quite one thing I was addicted to.

I was addicted to trying to fill my void

Its always been there for as long as I can remember

I have seen all I care for rise and fall to the dust

Felt the loneliness of misunderstanding

And seen the pain in the eyes of those I hurt by accident

Just because of who I am

I’m tired, so very tired

No tears left to be cried

No fears left to scream

Nothing to dream

Hope has become a nightmare

One from which I desperately need to wake