I hide pain like the rest of them
I swallow it down with a bottle of silver
It numbs the soul
And slips off the control
I forget the sorrows
Of my tomorrows
Focus on the sights before me
Unwinding the noose
That keeps me hanging
On to the hope that lets me cope
With a world gone mad
And heart that turned bad


Dark Truths

The absence of light
The personification of the truth
That is the reality
Not the dream of colors
The rainbow of hope
The world is a dark place
As hard as it is to accept
The price of being is paid in blood and steel
Broken promises and forgotten dreams
The only currency that matters in a world of truth
A world of darkness

The lone wanderer

He wonders how he got here
He walks alone
Toward a home he has never known
He swallows hard the fear
And wipes away the final tear
The last he’ll ever shed
For those departed or dead

Deserted and converted
He rides the stars down
Into the black sea of blood
Yet he will not drown
Hopes and dreams perverted
Into ashes and failures down in the mud

Hoping for death
With each haggard breath
With lips that taste of jack
It’s not the will he will ever lack
It’s the hope he is missing
Is death worth kissing

Dying is easy
So many ways
It’s living that’s hard
When you’re down to the last card
Of the dead mans hand
And your knees try to buckle as you stand

He goes on and on
Looking toward the final dawn
Hoping each sunset
Is the one he’ll forget

A shadow of what he was
A mockery of what he will be
A ghost in the machine
Is all the faith he can glean

From the past
Knowing nothing can last
And eternity is just another word for fool
The mirror is the only duel
He won’t be quick enough for

Letting go

Cease to resist

I feel the pull of the abyss

And give the goodbye kiss

Knowing I won’t be missed


I have given up the hope

And know only the ghosts

Of all I loved and lost

Of the future that never will be

And the past that never was

A present that can’t go on


The will to survive gone with the dying of the light

And in the darkness I thrive

The darkness I consumed

To feed my soul

To feed my need

And now here I bleed


Bleeding out into the world

Unknown and unsung in the hollow shallow shell

Of humanity forgotten to the core

I seek no comfort from the storm

Bitter Ink

How often I drain my pen of the bitter ink

Only to dip it back in time and time again

Scratching out verses

With the blood of my soul

Hearing the words rattle off like ancient curses


Living off the hope

With a shattered mind

Wallowing in disrepair

Without a fuck to spare

Using the pain to cope

The only high I find

In my reality of low

The scars never show


The deep dark abyss of the light once again

Swallowed me whole

As I taste the sweet poison in my drink

That life has poured for me

I taste all I was, all I ever will be