A Dream

I woke from a dream
Where everything was fine
Everything was good
I woke in time to see it all slip away
To know once again the pain that was mine
As everything was not fine nor good
And then I understood
Hope was a dream
Fleeting and slippery it would seem
Meant only to haunt me in the day


Infinity Abyss

With the light of a new dawn
There is no hope
As I fall backwards into the abyss
Where forgotten dreams and nightmares coexist
Seconds seemingly stretch into infinity
Here in this darkness of boredom
Living only madness and sadness as ways to cope

The lone wanderer

He wonders how he got here
He walks alone
Toward a home he has never known
He swallows hard the fear
And wipes away the final tear
The last he’ll ever shed
For those departed or dead

Deserted and converted
He rides the stars down
Into the black sea of blood
Yet he will not drown
Hopes and dreams perverted
Into ashes and failures down in the mud

Hoping for death
With each haggard breath
With lips that taste of jack
It’s not the will he will ever lack
It’s the hope he is missing
Is death worth kissing

Dying is easy
So many ways
It’s living that’s hard
When you’re down to the last card
Of the dead mans hand
And your knees try to buckle as you stand

He goes on and on
Looking toward the final dawn
Hoping each sunset
Is the one he’ll forget

A shadow of what he was
A mockery of what he will be
A ghost in the machine
Is all the faith he can glean

From the past
Knowing nothing can last
And eternity is just another word for fool
The mirror is the only duel
He won’t be quick enough for