A cold chill that won’t go away

Here in the light of the sun

I see my breath exhale

Even though I’m in hell


The sweat rolls

As sin takes it toll

And once again I give in

To the  temptation

That leads to ruination


Yet freedom is found

In the disaster of the ringing alarms

The lovely sound

Of a love that harms


I feel no pain

As I go numb

And find the truth insane

As reality never will come


Memory Stain

I created my own hell

And from that solitary cell

The pain never goes away

Forever the stain of a warm sunny day

Memories that haunt the light

Lasting long into the night

Of a life gone

A truth that never shone

Beneath the lies of living

In the world of the unforgiving

Where there is no choice

To change the echo of the lost voice

No chance to recreate the past

To fix a future that will last

As the present crumbles to the ground

With the splash of tiny drops of sound

Learning Hell

The secrets of Hell

Easy to learn 

Yet hard to tell

For in truth you don’t burn

Hell is many things 

The singer that never sings

The lover that goes unrequited 

The family never united

The hope that never dies 

The truth that ends in lies

A home where you’re never comfortable 

An emptiness that’s never palpable

A place you can leave anytime

Once you accept your crime

Any sin will get you in

Yet only faith without doubt will get you out

Not faith in the Heavens above

Faith in all that you love

Faith in oneself 

That’s how you escape Hell itself

Fine is 

Death is fine

Life is fine

Everything is fine

All it takes is time

There’s no reason

No Rhyme

Only Hell is out of season

With Heaven closed 

And limbo is foreclosed
No Virgil to guide

No sin to hide

Only virtue to confide

The blood dim tide rises

The wicked and righteous gather round

Still they wear their disguises

All hoping for the crown

Yet unable to rule the kingdom

For they know not what is to come
Judgement sits upon an ivory throne

Made of forgotten bone

Yet no word from on high

Can judge the those gathered here

For even justice does lie

For the truth it does fear
The fear palpable mixed with copper scent

Is all that it knows 

Laughter is all it shows

Knowing it cannot prevent

The crumbling of the center

As the soul begins to splinter
Leaving only a fraction

Left with any point of action

And that action leads to Limbo

So there is nowhere to go