The Hateful Heart

The heart that hates is not born but bred

Though within us all there exists a part

That can be fed

By disgust and ignorance

Until all we ever knew

Is the hatred that we spew


Midnight Garden

A spark of genius

Quenched in the elixir

Of forgotten misery

Remembered hate and forsaken love

That comes in waves

With the ebbs and flows

Of memories graves

With nothing to show

For all the pain that grows

In the garden I sowed


So until yesterday I had never heard of this app.  In any case a friend of mine uses it. He is a very sweet, nice guy who happens to be Trans(FtM). In all the time I’ve known him around 6 years I think now. We’ve worked at two different  places together. He wouldn’t even harm a fly unless the fly asked him to. He’s nice that way.

The point I’m getting at is about to be made. He was using Grindr and I guess another user of the app took drastic offense of him being on there. Perceiving his lack of the chromosome as offensive.  This exchange took place.


Even I’m like wtf? This is how another member of the LGBTQ community treats another. So I looked up Grindr to see what it was and learn about it. Coming across this  comment from its creator Joel Simkhai, whom himself is a member of the LGBTQ community. The comment taken from an article on Haaretz . “I don’t like it,” he says, “but it’s not my job to police such things. I’m not a sixth-grade teacher.” As he is quoted as saying.

So while I’m still annoyed over the user on the other side speaking that way on Grindr, I’m actually more concerned over the comment made by it’s creator. It is your job. It’s your app, you made it. You should want a peaceful , tolerant  group on your app. Otherwise your no better than the users who spew the hate speech. Inaction is the same as agreeing with it when your in a position to control such things. I can’t even fathom the thought process he had saying that.

Hell this blog isn’t exactly mine per se, it ‘s on wordpress etc. But I’d shutdown the first hate speaking, bigot who’d popped up in a heart beat who commented on any post on here. Because it’s my blog.

Hate flow


That’s all that resides in these bones

So much of it flows

Where it comes from no one knows

Through my veins it rushes 

Embedded in my DNA  it pushes 

Ever since my birth 

I’ve roamed this earth 

Like a malevolent spectre 

With hate as my protector 

The weary weight 

Of this natural fate

Induced by nature 

And amplified by nuture 

Leaves darkness where light once shone 

Tithes of Darkness


I speak of it often

Writing volumes on the subject

A feeling that defies intellect

I speak of misery of the soul

I wax poetically of the toll

The wages paid in sin

Trying to escape it’s madness

The tragic cycle of its sorrow

That grips my every tomorrow

I speak of it all

Of the highs and the inevitable fall


Yet rarely do I speak of the lights that sustain me

The things that allow me to survive to be

I survive off love and hate

Hope and apathy

I choose my sustenance well

And there I dwell

Till I have had my fill

And regained my will


The love of those I care for

The hate that renews me

The hope of a better day

And the apathy to step away

I exist in a confused harmony of opposing forces

A perfect storm in human form

Aware of the choices

Yet careless of the consequence

For a slave to my nature I am

And whether I dance

With Angels or Devils

I am to be among the Damn


Still the choice was mine

And in the voice of time

I speak my truths and listen to the folly

My Religion

Everyone saying my religion is love

Ha! My religion is love

Love in all its forms

From the perverse to the norms

Love unfettered

Love is more than one emotion

Love has many tethered

In ways beyond devotion

Love is caring and compassion

Yet let’s not forget the fire and passion

The little hates, the rage and jealously

Let’s be true to the word, lets acknowledge the envy

Let’s be sure to know love is more than compassion

Love is hate after a fashion

All things started with emotion evolve

Like problem waiting to be solved

My religion is my common sense

That tells me right from wrong

The hates that keep me strong

When oppression’s words ring

And none are standing

I kneel only to get a better view

I pray to no alter

Or false idol

I pray to the strength within

For in the end it’s what I always do

I pray my own morals never falter

And I’m true to myself both in heart

And in my art

For I shall never find love in my heart nor forgiveness for some

For the wrongs, they have done

And that as they say is final