Midnight Garden

A spark of genius

Quenched in the elixir

Of forgotten misery

Remembered hate and forsaken love

That comes in waves

With the ebbs and flows

Of memories graves

With nothing to show

For all the pain that grows

In the garden I sowed


Surges of Love Amidst Brutality — ABCs Of Kink

I updated my Fetlife profile yesterday with some new photos (@CreatureCrea if you’re interested). A couple of them are a bit on the brutal side, depicting around 90 needles as my tools of torture in a CBT scene. As scary as that looks though, the session itself was nothing but loving and kind. Brimming with…

via Surges of Love Amidst Brutality — ABCs Of Kink


​Can’t be late

Not on this date

No matter the time

Nor reason or rhyme

There’s no avoiding fate

Sometimes life is the crime
Freedom is death 

Choice is breath

The unsung voice

Of the blind man in the deaf kingdom
Fractured reality 

No escape in neutrality 

Every minute 

Going more militant

The world on mute

Yet I’m the one whose hesitant 
The world on fire

Yet no reprieve does it desire

Watch it burn

With all the lessons, I learn

A tear in an eye

In the other a gleam I can’t deny


​All to well I know this sin

It’s  where I  always begin

How many times have I stood tall 

Only to fall

I work hard at all I do 

Even the things that come easy 

I want perfect 

I want my work and my words to have meaning

Sometimes  they don’t  seem to strike any nerves

Sometimes  they fall flat

Just like me they get what they deserve 

I do things in my own way

I do not like to need help

And because  of this I have been 

A lot of things from arrogant to mean

Though it’s not always what it seems 

For me to swallow  my pride is harder than you think

It’s  a taste in my mouth that I will not drink

Yet when I fall

As I always do

I simply  begin a new 

And that’s  my true sin

I never know when to quit