Prey for it

On the hunt again

A hyper-carnivore of all that I adore

Stalking that feeling

A game of hunter prey

An emotional vampire

Rising as the sun falls

Down the back alley of memory

Into the crowded streets of lust

On your knees to pray

But it’s not God you trust

With only one desire

To feel again

Easy target lost little lamb

So far from home

Why did you roam

Now you’re squealing

And tomorrow you’ll be

Nothing but a trophy

Senses reeling

As the sirens wails

Shadow dancing into the mourning

Before the dawns warning


Walking Planes v1

Walking the planes

That trip reality

Ever vigilant

Making haste

For the touch of death

Tramples thru

The pondering’s of all I see


I smell the flesh on the bonfire of the damned

And lose my breath

To enchanting sight of time bending

And feel temporal extortion’s begin

To manipulate the fabric of all

As I am peeled from reality


All of this was preordained

And a bolt to the dome

Couldn’t of been more fitting

For lost in the crowd

Was I who in blissful ignorance

Lashed out with cruel ultimatums

To no avail

As the heard the bell


Spelling annihilation

For all including me

As a supreme verdict came

And armageddon reigned

Ending the game

So this week in my semi favorite games.

So 3 games I play this week unveiled either new stuff or anniversary events etc. That being Magic Online, Hearthstone and Pokemon Go. Lets start with Pokemon Go since its the most lackluster of news.

Pokemon Go turned one year old this week and how do they celebrate it. By yet another event of catching a pikachu with a hat. Not just any hat it’s an Ash hat. Okay are you excited?….. chirp chirp chirp…. Didn’t think so. Yeah that’s it besides an anniversary gift box you can buy for 1200 coins. Which includes six egg incubators, two premium raid passes, six Max Revives and 20 Ultra Balls. Of the four types of items available, only the premium raid passes are exclusively available to the in-game store. You save a 100 coins buying all these items like that or you can just visit pokestops or level up to receive most of these items save the raid pass.

No Legendary Pokemon still, no trade mode, no battle mode no true tracking feature returned for the anniversary . Instead you get another hat. WTF, talk about a shitty event. I hardly play this game anymore, I have to be truly bored to even turn it on. And the sad part was it had such promise and started out good. No wonder reports have it in the low millions as in like 7 million players now versus the  almost 100 million of players they had at the start.  Goes to show people get bored when the game has no actual purpose and there’s nothing but repetitive game play.

Next we go Magic the Gathering Online,  who’s latest offering fixed the error they made two months ago by making Commander or Edh focus solely on 1v1 matches. Introducing a ban list they hampered the multiplayer and didn’t match up with the multiplayer ban list used by the players of it in real time. Now the 1v1 and multiplayer have been separated like THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN to begin with. LIKE THEY ARE in the real time play. Got to say MTGO drop the ball and totally screwed the pooch on the choice not to do that to begin with.

With this fix comes updates to 1v1 banlist which even as someone who dislikes blue magic thinks is a wtf moment.

Ponder is banned.

Preordain is banned.

Brainstorm is banned.

3 of the best cards in blue. Now what makes this funny is in commander or edh, for those of you who don’t know you can only have 1 of each card in a deck of 100. Not like the typical Magic deck of 60 cards where you can 4 of each. So now I have to ask if those cards that 1 of are to powerful for edh. How can they not be to powerful in a format that allows you use four of them? The Official post is here.

Also not nowhere on the post does it say the quick fix of changing all your multiplayer decks properties  to Commander  since they all got changed to Commander 1v1 two months ago. Another Fail in the MTGO social media posting of late from a company usually better than this.

Now the best thing this week, Hearthstone next set was announced. Knights of the Frozen Throne. This actual looks great.  I’m not even gonna  talk about it just share the link. Because they say it better than I could.

How cool is that? I know right that’s awesome. At least one game I like to play is doing something right. The other two need to take notes.


Slouching towards Shambala

Slouching towards Bethlehem

On my way to the infinite stairs of Shambala

Looking for the nerve to find vana

The perfection of paradise

Like the tossing of a pair of dice

No seven come eleven

Only snake eyes looking back

In the darkness of path

Wisdom shows seldom

The route to where I am going


The fool wandering to and fro

Ducking ,weaving and bobbing the attack

Of spirit which reaps the heart

And steals the only part

That is left to take

In the light of the life I forsake


Playing the cards I’ve been dealt

No mulligan for me

Suicide black

Life as a resource

For it seemed so abundant

I keep my own confidant

Glory at any cost

Even if the battle is lost

Winning my war in death

Grinning with the last breath

The Pyrrhic smile

Playing with fire

​He’s been like that since night

He has no idea how much longer he will stay that way

It’s the game she likes to play

He’s  helpless and bound

She could just leave him to be found

Imagine his face

If friends or family came to his place

There he would be naked and blind

Chained up and lusting out of his mind

She likes that thought

A feeling of power like this can’t be bought 

Yes that’s exactly what she’ll do

If only he knew

Maybe he’d of said no

Of course he wouldn’t 

Because  he belongs to her though

And he knows he shouldn’t 

So today he gets caught in his desire

She will teach him not to play with fire