In The Ground

In the ground

That’s where you’ll be found

Six feet down

And I stand here trying to contain the sound


Of my laughter

Knowing your burning in the hereafter

As they speak trying to make your life sound meaningful

And had a soul, oh how beautiful


Your death was long overdue

And everyone knew

Everyone is crying

Yet I’m the only one smiling

With a heart that glows

As your corpse decomposes


They won’t admit what is true

Their glad you’re dead

And in their heads

They know you knew

Who wants Forever

This will never end

This is all I will ever know

There is no promise

There is no way to mend

All that remains is all I miss

All I see is what the mirror will show


Choices gone wrong

Voices familiar long gone

The sun sets

The moon forgets


Only the flickering flame of blame

Waiting to ignite the furnace of shame

To end the chill

Of all I feel

And the only thought of hope is to choke

Upon the blacken smoke


Of what was once a soul

And a lifetime of sin takes its toll

Time of Day

The light of day is where my darkness grows

Where the cold inside forms

Here in warmth of the sun

The chill from me will kill

And I know the truth

I see the world as it is

Its not dirty but its not all clean

If you grasp what I mean


The dark of night is where my hope comes

Where the warmth swells

And the the moons reflective light

The heat from my heart

Would burn for all that I yearn

As I see the world for all it could be

Where dreams and fantasy collide

And I know the best of me inside

Visceral verses

The sickening sounds of visceral verses

Slicing the air of words spoken with care

Words meant to provoke the feeling of the yoke

Not to anger , but humble as the ego tumbles

Weakening knees that buckle under the pleas

The admittance of transparency

And the truth of harsh reality

There’s no discrepancy in the feelings

That leave the soul reeling

Lost in paradise, to hell’s device

The soul that knows it place

The unworthiness of beauty ever pressed to face

The pathetic notion of ever knowing sweetness

The surge of purging adequacy

Yet contentment in disgrace

With the seal of permanent