The slut

Pleading, needing the eager slut wants a feeding 

On its knees ever ready to please

Dropping to all fours like a lusting whore

Crying in frustration for more

Sighing in completion on the floor 

As the last of twelve finishes off

The slut never got off

The chastity  prevented it

And never did the slut spit

Now it wallows

In all the cum it could not swallow 

Happy to be of use

Sad it is over

For service is its lover

And the slut craves the abuse

The sweetest sin 

The sweetest sin

Begins with a grin 

A lick of the lips

A look in the eyes

A wetness between the thighs

A thrust of the hips

Short breaths

In between the little deaths

Come the taunting moans

That whisper in your ear

As you let go your fear

To the hand that owns 

Your heart

And holds you llke a work of art

Up into the new dawn’s light

Down at the end of the long night