With the dying of the dream

So to goes the light within

With nothing left to give

And all hope gone

There is not even a scream

Only the comfort of darkness closing in

As once again I feel the universes shiv

And die alone


Crossing the River

Loud music

A cold bottle

Warm liquid

Becomes the norm

Awaiting the death rattle

Of a life that became toxic


Can’t find a vein

No blood left to drain

The needle breaks the skin

The hole begins to mend


Life fades away

Only the scar will stay

Another hit

Another line

Everything will be fine

So sick off it


Yet back for more

Always there

Always with a warm care

A haunting ghost

Davey Jones locker

Hurt locker

It’s what I call home the most

The digital street corner where I became a whore


Google earthing my way to hell

With no soul to sell

For the fix

That leaves too quick

And leaves my heart sick

As I cross the river Styx




Walking Planes v1

Walking the planes

That trip reality

Ever vigilant

Making haste

For the touch of death

Tramples thru

The pondering’s of all I see


I smell the flesh on the bonfire of the damned

And lose my breath

To enchanting sight of time bending

And feel temporal extortion’s begin

To manipulate the fabric of all

As I am peeled from reality


All of this was preordained

And a bolt to the dome

Couldn’t of been more fitting

For lost in the crowd

Was I who in blissful ignorance

Lashed out with cruel ultimatums

To no avail

As the heard the bell


Spelling annihilation

For all including me

As a supreme verdict came

And armageddon reigned

Ending the game