It wasn’t a relationship
It was a religion
In my love you found
A reason for peace
In your love I found
A reason to war

The fire in your blood
Danced with the ice in my veins
It was enough to drive me insane
With lust and passion
And love after a fashion

All was light
All was bright and right with the world
Then the darkness on the horizon came
The fairy tale ended
The wounds could not be mended
And with no one to blame

All that was left was shame
The scars still show
Where my heart once dwelled
This body nothing but a shell
As the mind checked out so long ago
Just like you


Addressing Kink Scene Expectations and the Gap Existent within Individual Realities — ABCs Of Kink

I was talking to someone recently about how thoroughly different experiences and individual takeaways can be for persons sceneing with one another. It can be very challenging when it isn’t understood by your partner that the experience happening in their body/heart/mind doesn’t play out like your own experience of the scene you’re both engaged in. I…

via Addressing Kink Scene Expectations and the Gap Existent within Individual Realities — ABCs Of Kink

Into the forest

In the quiet light of solitude

Where nothing fits the mood

A cold walk into the forest

Brings no rest

For the soul that is tired

Yet cannot expire


In the afterbirth

Of a lonesome earth

In a universe of hope

There exists no way to cope


With the slinky black dress of depression

That becomes the new fashion

In sultry heels

Of hellish feels

That dwell in the heart

And if my lips would part


I’d speak my mind

And hope to find

Solace in my truth spoken

And know I was forgotten

In The Ground

In the ground

That’s where you’ll be found

Six feet down

And I stand here trying to contain the sound


Of my laughter

Knowing your burning in the hereafter

As they speak trying to make your life sound meaningful

And had a soul, oh how beautiful


Your death was long overdue

And everyone knew

Everyone is crying

Yet I’m the only one smiling

With a heart that glows

As your corpse decomposes


They won’t admit what is true

Their glad you’re dead

And in their heads

They know you knew