Into the forest

In the quiet light of solitude

Where nothing fits the mood

A cold walk into the forest

Brings no rest

For the soul that is tired

Yet cannot expire


In the afterbirth

Of a lonesome earth

In a universe of hope

There exists no way to cope


With the slinky black dress of depression

That becomes the new fashion

In sultry heels

Of hellish feels

That dwell in the heart

And if my lips would part


I’d speak my mind

And hope to find

Solace in my truth spoken

And know I was forgotten


In The Ground

In the ground

That’s where you’ll be found

Six feet down

And I stand here trying to contain the sound


Of my laughter

Knowing your burning in the hereafter

As they speak trying to make your life sound meaningful

And had a soul, oh how beautiful


Your death was long overdue

And everyone knew

Everyone is crying

Yet I’m the only one smiling

With a heart that glows

As your corpse decomposes


They won’t admit what is true

Their glad you’re dead

And in their heads

They know you knew


A soul lined with scars

Harden tissue covering the raw nerves

Picking at the point

Opening up the wound

The thoughts that consume

Burning across the synapses

That misfire sparking

Gaps in the sensation

Of contemplation

That leave only isolation and solitude

To reflect the attitude

Of apathy that inhabits the world of existence

It considers penance

For a life of half measures

And forgotten treasures

Of a past held inside

Because the truth will hide

The loss of innocence

Time of Day

The light of day is where my darkness grows

Where the cold inside forms

Here in warmth of the sun

The chill from me will kill

And I know the truth

I see the world as it is

Its not dirty but its not all clean

If you grasp what I mean


The dark of night is where my hope comes

Where the warmth swells

And the the moons reflective light

The heat from my heart

Would burn for all that I yearn

As I see the world for all it could be

Where dreams and fantasy collide

And I know the best of me inside