Story Chaser

You search for the rabbit hole

Seeking Wonderland

Run head first into any tornado

Hoping for Oz

You unwrap everything and everyone

Looking for that golden ticket

You spend your day haunted by the night before

Your escape of imagination

Has left you broken

Yet still you cling to hope

Hope that one day

You’ll see the rainbow of dreams come true



Such wonderful schemes
Well intended dreams
That fail with every moment
A mind full of torment
As my road to Hell I did pave
With nothing but good intentions towards my grave

Shore of Dreams

I sit here upon the shore of dreams

Awaiting the tides of nightmares

I see in the reflections, history repeating

As if the world around keeps forgetting

What came before and never goes away

The petty hates and little lies

The fallen tears that everyone cries

As the world slips backwards

Into the dark age

Instead of forwards

Into the golden age


All that’s left in this heart of mine is rage

Rage and wrath for all that is wrong

For that can’t hear the song

And yet I keep in its cage

For I have grown use to the mindless bickering

And await the only for sun’s flickering


Apathy and sarcasm

The weapons of choice

In a time of the silence

And when truth has no voice

And is lost to the mindless orgasm

Of the meek

And only the celebrants are the weak

For they are winning

As the strong sit idle and consume themselves

With the petty

Confused and bedazzled by the pretty


So here I rest upon this shore

Now and forever more

A crow hoping for a murder

To take things further

And end this dreaming

With nothing but the universe screaming

Cold Fire

Never letting it show

Trying to keep it all under control

Angels and Demons scratching at the cage of my soul

So far and still nowhere

A life without care

A life I don’t know


Go to sleep and wake up exhausted

From dreams of possibility

From nightmares of nothingness

Consumed by the sentimentality

Of the forgotten savage

And all that was said

In the pursuit of shiny golden happiness

Yet lost to memory ravaged


By the blurring of reality

With the feeling of deja vu

As dreams come true

With a nightmare’s sensibility

In the days that pass

As nothing lasts


In the existence of the temporary

Coupled with the necessary

Only manic laughter prevails

As the beasts escape their cells

And being careful for what you wished for

Never stops you from wanting more

My Friend of Misery

Another sip of hope

Tasting whiskey bitter sweet

Wandering down the winding dark street

To find the ways and means to cope


I used to dream of such wondrous things

A love that would never die

A world left better than I found it

A place full of glorious things

And a open blue sky

Of sadness that I would forget


Now those dreams are gone

For in truth I was wrong to have them

This world is not ready wonders

Only nightmares it would seem

And in my blunders

I see the truth alone


That sometimes only the only wondrous thing to do is madness

Allow the sorrow of tomorrow to become personified

When hope fails and misery reigns

Let your wickedness be glorified

Regardless of the pains

It brings to others happiness


Be the friend of misery never had