A Dream

I woke from a dream
Where everything was fine
Everything was good
I woke in time to see it all slip away
To know once again the pain that was mine
As everything was not fine nor good
And then I understood
Hope was a dream
Fleeting and slippery it would seem
Meant only to haunt me in the day



Another shooting,Another looting
Police brutality,Cult mentality
Left and right wings broken
The dream forsaken
Matriarchy worried about toxic masculinity
Patriarchy worried about strengthen femininity
Democracy slipping into Anarchy
Just another day in America
Just another slice of apple pie
As the innocent die
And the world hardly notices the cry
Of injustice or hate
We’ve created our own doom
You can’t talk about the elephant in the room
Without knowing you’re to late


​It doesn’t take a lot

A blind eye turned

A silent voice

The will to act that may falter

All these are sacrifices on freedom’s alter

In the end it’s your choice

Use the lessons you have learned 

Or allow the previous struggle to be for not

You must fight 

You must resist 

For as long as oppression exist

No one may stand in the light

That freedom and justice give

Do it for the truth you believe 

Do it for friends, family and strangers

Do it regardless of the dangers 

It’s okay to be fearful

It’s not okay to be silent

Tyrants feed on the compliant 

They grow from regretful 

Only a sheep walks willingly toward death

Be a wolf and howl till your last breath