If darkness never held you tight?
How would you ever see the light?

Where would you run?
When your world comes undone.

Who will catch you if you fall?
Is there anyone at all?

Why would you care?
If in the end there is no one there.

What would it matter if you caught yourself?
Would you see the true wealth?

Could you open you soul?
Or would the world take its toll?

Can you be brave for just a second of time?
Will you believe in yourself , it’s not a crime

Once you see yourself in the mirror of my eyes
You see through all your self made lies

And know the truth of the beauty you are
And on that day you’ll heal that scar



A curious creature exists

There upon the edge of darkness

Where light fades

And dreams invade

The beast with craving cunning

Sleeps into the new night’s dawning

Murdering the urge to purge

The seeds of existence

With the pretense

Of false hope of better days

Simply because it’s forgotten its ways

Slouching towards Shambala

Slouching towards Bethlehem

On my way to the infinite stairs of Shambala

Looking for the nerve to find vana

The perfection of paradise

Like the tossing of a pair of dice

No seven come eleven

Only snake eyes looking back

In the darkness of path

Wisdom shows seldom

The route to where I am going


The fool wandering to and fro

Ducking ,weaving and bobbing the attack

Of spirit which reaps the heart

And steals the only part

That is left to take

In the light of the life I forsake


Playing the cards I’ve been dealt

No mulligan for me

Suicide black

Life as a resource

For it seemed so abundant

I keep my own confidant

Glory at any cost

Even if the battle is lost

Winning my war in death

Grinning with the last breath

The Pyrrhic smile

Memory Stain

I created my own hell

And from that solitary cell

The pain never goes away

Forever the stain of a warm sunny day

Memories that haunt the light

Lasting long into the night

Of a life gone

A truth that never shone

Beneath the lies of living

In the world of the unforgiving

Where there is no choice

To change the echo of the lost voice

No chance to recreate the past

To fix a future that will last

As the present crumbles to the ground

With the splash of tiny drops of sound

100 Percent

A Hundred percent

Nothing and no one

Even me

Only my blood is hundred proof

A sad and lonely truth

That’s all it’ll ever be

After my time is spent

And long after I’m gone


When the liquor no longer burns

And you have nothing left to learn

Nothing to teach

And little worth to preach

When there are no new sins

And apathy sinks in

In the darkness you see

That’s where you’ll find me