Once I had a dream
I was among family and friends in the light
I awoke to see the dream reality
Awaken by the light
I heard the sounds of laughter and happiness
I saw them all from the window
I opened the door, stepped outside
And all was darkness
I was alone
There was no warmth here
No joy only loss
In my desperate trashings
I could feel myself crashing
I awoke still in darkness


A Dream

I woke from a dream
Where everything was fine
Everything was good
I woke in time to see it all slip away
To know once again the pain that was mine
As everything was not fine nor good
And then I understood
Hope was a dream
Fleeting and slippery it would seem
Meant only to haunt me in the day


In the quiet hours before the world awakens
I disappear
The abyss welcomes me home
I count the dead stars till sleep comes
In blackest of lights
I dream of all the life left to live
And burn with the rage
Of words forgotten age
What have I become
Is this the end of me

Do I cherish my life
Can you feel as I feel
See what I see
Save as I save
When the world turns gray
And night becomes day
Try as I might I can’t convince you this is real
There is no peace in the grave
Nothing left for you to be
Feel your back, find that knife
Twist it and bleed out pain
In world of the insane
Take leave of your senses
And find no consequences

The calm hours

In the heart of the void
There is nothing
Nothing for you to see
Nothing left to owe
No reason to exist

Only the will to persist
Nothing to you I give
For I no longer grieve
For lost chances and endless dances

I sit among the black
And accept the fate
Of a life absence of love and hate
In balance with the abyss
And nothing left to be missed

A soul in atrophy
Sold for the shiny coin of silver not gold
I am as the world made me
Damned and saved by the flash of thought
And the consequences wrought

The Trend

The rage of the heart
Is silenced by the violence of the soul
That lost control
In the torn apart reality
Of black and white
That melt into the gray

We didn’t fall to darkness
We became the darkness
In the darkness we were one
In the darkness all the sins were fun

There was no right nor wrong
There was only the song
The melody of freedom , of love
There was no heaven above
Nor hell below
Only the life we know

Yet all things good must end
That’s the true sin
That darkness cannot continue even
And in time the light will trend


The misery dripping with every line my pen writes in the delivery
Of words said yet unheard
Leaves nothing but the madness
As time shows nothing but the infinite sadness
And melancholy of my day, nothing but a life of folly

I ‘ll go to my grave
With not a tear nor smile
For I have no fear and am not brave
It’ll simply be peace upon which I hope to feast
And darkness for awhile